Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh what a beautiful weekend!

We are loving this weather! It is beautiful outside and we have spent a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors! Today has been a very productive day. Connor did a lot of work outside in preparation for Ellison's birthday party next weekend. Sadly the weather forecast is predicting rain but I am hopeful that it may change. We ran several errands including a much needed trip to the dump, I did some deep cleaning of our house and also played outside with Ellison on her awesome swingset! Connor's sister is coming over the hang with us this afternoon and then we are doing to dinner. Tomorrow will be our first trip to the zoo! We are very excited!

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Ashley said...

Warm spring weather makes me want to clean too! It's like a fresh clean start after a dreary winter. Have so much fun with Ellison's party.