Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Little Gymnast

Running across the tumble track...

At the end of her forward roll down the cheese wedge mat
Getting ready to go down the slide into the foam pit
Big girl!

Landing in the foam pit...
Do tricks on the bar with Coach Scott
Getting ready to hang like a monkey
Jumping on the trampoline
Posing for a picture
Nan, Ellison, me and GUE

Walking across the balance beam with mommy
Waiting very patiently at the end of her class to get her stamp!

Ellison started taking gymnastics classes back near the end of January. It was a gift from her Great Uncle GUE and Uncle Jeff. We still have another month to complete after March. Today (since Uncle GUE came in town to visit and celebrate Ellison's birthday all the way from Pasadena) he and Nan (my grandmother) tagged a long with Ellison and me to her gymnastics class. Of course, Ellison had a ball and was in a great mood. She has learned so much from this class and we love her Coach. We are having Ellison's 2nd birthday party with friends at the same place tomorrow. We are really looking forward to it!

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