Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yay for Friday! I know I have been major slacker with blogging. We have had a lot of sickness in our house for the past 2 weeks. So instead of trying to catch up on 2 weeks I am just going to start with today. We only have 2 more weeks of school/work left! Our weekend is going to be a busy one! Last night, we had my family over to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday! It really isn't til tomorrow but we got together for dessert at our house last night. Ellison had a blast showing off to everyone and helping Claude open his gifts. Today Ellison spent time at a friend's house while Connor and I went to our 12 week check up! Baby Ball is doing wonderful. I am measuring exactly 12 weeks, we got to see "it" moving around all over the place and had a strong heartbeat of 168. We go back again in 4 weeks then our visit after that will be at 20 weeks and we will find out the gender.

Tomorrow evening is very special for Connor and me. Ellison is going to spend the night with her MeMac (Connor's mom). Connor and I are going to a nice dinner out, then attending the Jimmy Buffet concert (so excited) and Connor has reservations for us to stay at a hotel in Nashville tomorrow night. So it is a true date night that we really need! When we wake up Sunday morning we won't feel like we have to get up and do things around the house before we get Ellison. Instead we are going to go out to breakfast and enjoy the morning together! The Sunday afternoon my parents are having a cookout with a bunch of friends to celebrate my dad's upcoming 60th birthday!

Needless to say this weekend is going to fly by! And finally here is a picture of Baby Ball!

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