Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's been awhile!

The weeks have flown by! I am way behind! We have not taken many pictures so I will just give a verbal update. Last week was busy being back at school/work. Last Friday we had a doctor's appointment to check on Baby Ball #2 and all looked well! We say arms, legs, the heartbeat and it did a little wiggling for us. I am measuring right on schedule (almost 11 weeks now)! Our weekend was low key, just ran errands, did stuff around the house, went to some garage sales AND we got Ellison bedding for her big girl bed! We plan on transitioning her at the start of the summer (along with some potty training)! Poor girl is in for a rude awakening ;) I will post pictures of her new big girl room after we make the transition. This week started out good until yesterday afternoon. I actually have a stomach virus (was up all night being sick). At first I thought it was morning sickness but I am about 100% sure it is a virus. I am staying home from work today while Ellison goes on to school so I can rest. This weekend we are scheduled to go to Knoxville to visit our dear friends, The McNally Family! We are very excited, the boys are going on a camping/fishing trip so us mommies and babies are going to have some quality time together :) Many pics will posted when we return!

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