Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zoo for Aquatic Animals :)

I cannot believe our Spring Break is just about over. Ellison and I return to school/work tomorrow but it is only for 5 weeks and then we are out for the summer! We have had a great break just being at home. I have not felt all too wonderful but hopefully that will change as I approach the end of my first trimester. This past Friday, Connor took the day and off and we took Ellison to the Chattanooga Aquarium (Connor calls it the Zoo for Aquatic Animals). Ellison loved it! Since it was our first time going and we plan on returning one day, we definitely learned a few things to make the trip a little better as far as timing of everything. All in all though the 4 of us ;) had a great time being together. Here are some pictures from our adventure...

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