Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loving the summer!

We have been keeping busy of course! On Friday we had a busy and fun filled day :) Ellison had a chance to spend some time with her Aunt Sarah and with Sarah's boyfriend, Danny! While they took Ellison to play, Connor and I had our 16 week check up for Baby Ball. The appointment was short and sweet. We didn't have an ultrasound but we did hear the heartbeat...which is sweet music to our ears :) It was the first time we got to hear it. Absolutely amazing! The heartrate was right at 150 which favors the baby being another girl based on what my doctor says. However we are still open for either boy or girl (I really don't have any gut feelings). While we were at the doctor this is what Ellison was doing... 
Ellison was introduced to the candy store at the mall...
Riding the carousel with Aunt Sarah
Ellison was in love with the butterfly sucker Aunt Sarah got her...
She got very spoiled!
After our doctor's appointment, we met up with Sarah, Danny and Ellison at Puckett's in downtown Franklin for lunch! We headed home for naps then Connor, Ellison and I met our friends The Henricks for dinner at McDougal's. Ellison always has a blast hanging out with her friend Luke...

After dinner with our friends we went on a walk to a park and got rained on!
Ellison and her friend Luke at dinner

Today Ellison's Uncle "GoGo" arrived in town. We have not seen him in 2 months! Ellison was very happy to have some play time with her Uncle. We went to the pool with a friend of mine to have some fun in the sun! Ellison has no fear of the water...she wore us out!
I love this picture! She loves to jump into the water and has no hesitations!
"Hi mom!"
Playing with toys
Being super silly with Uncle GoGo!

Riding in her raft!

Uncle GoGo, mommy and Ellison (and Baby Ball :)

After the pool we came home for a nap, then headed back to my parents house for dinner with the family. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday (again :) my parents wedding anniversary that is coming up and also 6 years of marriage for Connor and I (June 12th). It was a yummy dinner and Ellison had a blast entertaining everyone like always :)

We still have 2 more days of our weekend! We hope everyone has a good Memorial holiday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water fun!

Riding around
Checking out the binoculars
Playing in the sprinkler
Having so much fun with friends!
Loving the start of summer!
I am sorry but how cute are those butt cheeks?!
My cute pie!
Running away from the water!

So now that summer has officially begun for us we finally had some fun in sun yesterday and today! I take care of 3 sweet kids (in addition to my sweet Ellison) 2 days a week. When we were over at their house yesterday we decided to put bathing suits on, hook up the sprinklers and play in the water! The kids had a blast and Ellison LOVED it! So once we got home yesterday afternoon I decided to pull out our baby pool and sprinkler to have ready when we are home and needing some fun in the sun! Today I met some friends at the Forrest Crossing pool. We have not been to a pool since last summer and even though Ellison loved it then I wasn't sure how much she would love it now. Well, all I can say is she LOVED it even more than last year! She would even stand on the edge of the pool and jump in (with me catching her of course). She kept wanting me to let go of her in the big pool because she thought she could just take off on her own. She is not a fan of being confined in a floating device. So Connor and I are signing her up for some Parent & Me swim lessons at the recreation center. We are going to have a fun time at the pool this summer!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Overview :)

Once again we had a busy and full week! I took care of kids Monday-Thursday which included lots of playdates with friends at the park, the mall, story time at the library and a trip or two to McDonald's playland :) Ellison has done absolutely wonderful in her big girl bed! She actually naps longer in it than she did in her crib. She is averaging about 2 hour naps and 11 hours at night with no interruptions. She just climbs right into her bed with a smile on her face! 

On Friday we went shopping with Nan (my grandmother) which is always fun :) We ate a yummy lunch together then headed home for a nap. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of Ellison's friend...Connor! It was at the park and was a beautiful day for it. Ellison had so much fun seeing her friends and mommy had a chance to catch up with some of her mommy friends!

Waiting patiently for cupcakes and icecream!

Ellison and her great friend Molly Moo!

After Connor's party, we headed home for a nap (mommy might have even slept a little too :) then we headed to my parents house to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! My parents had a cookout with all of their friends so we went over to help celebrate with all of them! We had a great time and Ellison was the hit of the party of course :) We didn't get home until 9:45 that night and Ellison was an angel and full of energy up until we laid her in bed at 10 o'clock! She is such a trooper.
Our friends Adrienne and Darrick
Daddy and Ellison
Little Diva at the party

Helping Poppy blow out his candles
Yay! Happy Birthday Poppy!

On Sunday we woke up and it was beautiful outside! It actually felt like the first official day of summer. So we decided to load up and head to the zoo for the morning. It was a perfect day for it and of course Ellison had a blast! Mommy got a little tired and heated after a couple of hours so I stopped to rest while daddy and Ellison went to visit the elephants, giraffes and feed the birds!

At the zoo!

Checking out some reptiles
Looking at the birds
One of her favorite animals...the Red Panda
Mommy, Ellison and The Little Bump at Alligator Cove
Brushing the goats

After the zoo we headed home for nap (once again mommy might have snoozed a bit :) then we had a fun family outing for the evening. We took Ellison to Target to buy one of these...

and some of these...
Even though Ellison uses the potty about twice a day she is not technically "potty trained." So we are going to attempt the potty training this upcoming weekend. I thought it was important for all of us to go to Target for her "shopping" and show Ellison how exciting and special this was! She made all of the decision by herself, she picked out an Elmo toilet seat to go on the big potty and chose the Dora panty pack (of course!). She was such a big girl and insisted on carrying her panties throughout Target. Afterwards we headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner (Ellison LOVES pizza) and then we had a coupon for

Sweet Cece's in Downtown Franklin...where we enjoyed some of this...

We had a fun family night! Once we got home Connor put Ellison to bed and then we sat down to watch the final episode of LOST!

Another week has begun...this is my last week to work 4 days taking care of kids. After this week I will only watch kids 3 days a week so I can have some free time for hanging with Ellison and friends...AND start getting ready for Baby #2! I am almost 16 weeks along...we have another doctors appointment this Friday just to check on everything. Then when we go back in another 4 weeks we will find out what Baby Ball is!!!

Happy Monday everybody :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Blogging Hubby

This blog entry is dedicated to my wonderful hubby :) He decided to start his very own blog and the theme is recipes! My husband LOVES to cook and he is really good at it. I have been blessed with marrying a cook because we all know that is not one of my strong areas :) He is the type who sort of follows a recipe, then adds his own touch of flavor or even sometimes will make up a recipe of his own. We have come across a lot of recipes that he enjoys and thought...why not share them? So take the time to check out his blog...
Thank you friends!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big girl bed!

Well this week was another busy one for us! We pretty much had something to do every single day...Monday I took care of a sweet boy that was in my preschool class and his younger brother, Tuesday I went in to work to finish up cleaning my classroom out, Wednesday we had our pick up/farewell with our classes at the church, Thursday I took care of 3 other precious children (I will be watching them through the whole summer a couple days a week) and then on Friday I took care of the same little boy and his little brother.

This is a picture of Ellison with her teachers...Ms. Catherine and Ms. Laurie (Orie :) at the farewell/pick up day at school! They were the best!

Yesterday Connor and Ellison headed to Columbia (Connor played golf with his dad and Ellison spent the day with her MeMac), which meant that I had the WHOLE day to MYSELF :) It was wonderful, I cleaned the house, did laundry and ran about 100 errands. The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was I prepared Ellison's room for her big girl bed! We made a lot of transitions in her room. The crib got moved out as well as the changing table. Lately I have been changing Ellison on the floor because she moves around so much and the changing table was getting a little small. So when Connor got home we set up her new bed, with new big girl bedding from Pottery Barn Kids (I am in love with it) and rearranged some more furniture in her room. We went ahead and set the crib up in the new nursery (the new nursery is a total disaster right now but luckily we have lots of time to get it set up). The great thing is the new nursery won't need much as far as furniture and decor. We having a changing table, crib, dresser and rocker so we want to get some shelves and of course new bedding but that is really it!

Ellison not sure about the big girl bed...

Attempting to climb up in it...

Getting comfy...

Back to the big milestone I mentioned...Ellison's first night in her big girl bed! To be honest, after we set it up, she was very hesitant to get in it. She would start to climb up in it then back out. So we didn't force her, instead we did our normal bedtime routine (bath, run around naked-Ellison only :) get PJ's on, brush teeth, read a book, turn on sound machine and night light then rock for a few minutes). After I rocked her and we sang a few songs I picked her up and started heading for the bed, then the tears and whimpering came. She was not happy, but I laid her down and leaned down close to her, rubbed her head and just talked to her for about 15 minutes (hoping she would fall asleep). Well after 15 minutes she was still wide eyed, sucking her thumb with burpie nuzzled up to her face. I decided to walk out and see what she does. I gave her one last kiss and left the room. The next time we heard from her was 7:15 this morning :) She did awesome! No cries out in the middle of the night, no falling out and no waking up at 5:00 am ready to party! When she woke up she stayed in her bed and just asked for us to come get her over the monitor. When we went in she was all smiles and  bouncing around on her bed, climbing in and out.

This morning after her first night in her big girl bed! She did great!

To be honest, I slept horrible last night. I woke up every couple of hours to check on her. She moved a lot but stayed safe and secure. After we put her to bed, Connor and I were sitting on the couch and I burst into tears (I am pregnant and emotional) but I just couldn't believe that my little first born baby girl was out of her crib (never to return) about to be out of diapers (literally) and becoming such a big girl! I can't go backwards I can only move forward. I want to cherish every moment I have with her before Baby #2 arrives...

Which brings up my last bit of exciting news for this week. We have a family summer vacation planned! We could not be more excited about it! We honestly thought a summer vacation was just not going to happen with needing to save money and baby #2 coming, however with the help and generosity of my family (thank you GUE, GUM, Nan & Claude and my parents) the 3 of us (Connor, Ellison and myself...and Baby Ball :) will be flying to Pasadena, CA at the end of July to spend 5 days with my Uncles and their kids. I have been there to visit once several years ago but Connor has not (and of course Ellison hasn't either). We have been wanting to go. We thought it would be great timing and so much fun to do with Ellison before the baby arrives! Thank you, thank you, thank you millions to my family for making this happen! We are so blessed and lucky to have you all :)

Well I think this post is long enough! We hope everyone is having a great weekend and we will be catching up again soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Always playing catch up!

Lately I feel like I am always playing catch up! We had a great week and weekend. Going back to the beginning of last week...we found out since our school flooded that we had to cancel the rest of the school year. Ellison and daddy had fun playing in the creek at our house after the flood was over and the water slowed down a little bit...
Playing in the creek
Daddy and daughter
I love this picture of my 2 favorite people!

We had lots of play dates last week at the park with many of our friends! Connor was out of town Wednesday night til Friday night. So Ellison and I enjoyed dinner with friends for Cinco de Mayo and then with my family one night. On Saturday we met our friends, The Henricks, for breakfast at the Coffee Beanery. It was so fun and yummy! Ellison and Luke had a blast together and I think there may be a crush coming on between the two :)

Giving Luke some love :)
Ellison and Luke

After breakfast with our friends we took Ellison to a birthday party for her friend Theo! It was a pirate themed party and Ellison loved it! The day was beautiful outside and she got a lot of energy out...

Playing in the swing
Trying out a tire swing for the first time
Eating her chocolate cupcake
Playing with friends at the party
Eating snacks with her friend Molly Moo

After the birthday party we headed home for naps, did some stuff around the house, then headed to our friends house for dinner! They have a daughter, Lillian, who is 3 weeks younger than Ellison and then they just had a new baby girl who is 5 weeks old. We made dinner and took it over to their house to eat and let the girls play. Lillian and Ellison had a blast playing together. It was perfect because they are so close in age. Ellison even loved on the new baby (it was good practice :). When we left the girls kept giving each other hugs and sweet!

Lillian and Ellison taking a break from playing...they look pretty exhausted, don't they?
Giving hugs and kisses goodbye!

Sunday morning we woke and enjoyed family time on Mother's Day! I got some sweet gifts from my little ones. Including an early birthday present...
Yes, you see correctly...a sewing machine. Not this particular one, I am going to do a little research and pick out what is right for me. Lately I have taken an interest in wanting to learn how to sew and make things, like...children's clothes, curtains, crib bedding, etc. I have many friends that do it and have made Ellison lots of things that I thought, why not me? I really think I am going to enjoy. My mom is interested in learning with me as well so we could do it together! I loved getting this, Connor decided to give it to me now so in case I wanted to start working on anything for Baby Ball then I have the summer to start learning!

After our morning together we headed to Connor's brothers house for Mother's Day brunch. It was great and the food was delicious (Ellison loved it which is always a plus!).  After we ate we took some pictures outside then some of us played The Beatles Rock Band...
Watching Uncle Ben sing The Beatles Rock Band
Ellison with her MeMac
Our family of 4 on Mother's Day
My sweet baby girl on Mother's Day

After brunch we headed home for nap time, ran some errands then headed to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day with the ladies in my family :)
4 generations...Me, Ellison, GJ and Nan
Ellison showing where Baby Ball is hiding...
Mommy and daughter
My mom got together coupons for fabrics and coupons for sewing classes to go a long with my sewing machine :)

That pretty much wraps our week and weekend! We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and will update again near the end of the week!