Monday, May 10, 2010

Always playing catch up!

Lately I feel like I am always playing catch up! We had a great week and weekend. Going back to the beginning of last week...we found out since our school flooded that we had to cancel the rest of the school year. Ellison and daddy had fun playing in the creek at our house after the flood was over and the water slowed down a little bit...
Playing in the creek
Daddy and daughter
I love this picture of my 2 favorite people!

We had lots of play dates last week at the park with many of our friends! Connor was out of town Wednesday night til Friday night. So Ellison and I enjoyed dinner with friends for Cinco de Mayo and then with my family one night. On Saturday we met our friends, The Henricks, for breakfast at the Coffee Beanery. It was so fun and yummy! Ellison and Luke had a blast together and I think there may be a crush coming on between the two :)

Giving Luke some love :)
Ellison and Luke

After breakfast with our friends we took Ellison to a birthday party for her friend Theo! It was a pirate themed party and Ellison loved it! The day was beautiful outside and she got a lot of energy out...

Playing in the swing
Trying out a tire swing for the first time
Eating her chocolate cupcake
Playing with friends at the party
Eating snacks with her friend Molly Moo

After the birthday party we headed home for naps, did some stuff around the house, then headed to our friends house for dinner! They have a daughter, Lillian, who is 3 weeks younger than Ellison and then they just had a new baby girl who is 5 weeks old. We made dinner and took it over to their house to eat and let the girls play. Lillian and Ellison had a blast playing together. It was perfect because they are so close in age. Ellison even loved on the new baby (it was good practice :). When we left the girls kept giving each other hugs and sweet!

Lillian and Ellison taking a break from playing...they look pretty exhausted, don't they?
Giving hugs and kisses goodbye!

Sunday morning we woke and enjoyed family time on Mother's Day! I got some sweet gifts from my little ones. Including an early birthday present...
Yes, you see correctly...a sewing machine. Not this particular one, I am going to do a little research and pick out what is right for me. Lately I have taken an interest in wanting to learn how to sew and make things, like...children's clothes, curtains, crib bedding, etc. I have many friends that do it and have made Ellison lots of things that I thought, why not me? I really think I am going to enjoy. My mom is interested in learning with me as well so we could do it together! I loved getting this, Connor decided to give it to me now so in case I wanted to start working on anything for Baby Ball then I have the summer to start learning!

After our morning together we headed to Connor's brothers house for Mother's Day brunch. It was great and the food was delicious (Ellison loved it which is always a plus!).  After we ate we took some pictures outside then some of us played The Beatles Rock Band...
Watching Uncle Ben sing The Beatles Rock Band
Ellison with her MeMac
Our family of 4 on Mother's Day
My sweet baby girl on Mother's Day

After brunch we headed home for nap time, ran some errands then headed to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day with the ladies in my family :)
4 generations...Me, Ellison, GJ and Nan
Ellison showing where Baby Ball is hiding...
Mommy and daughter
My mom got together coupons for fabrics and coupons for sewing classes to go a long with my sewing machine :)

That pretty much wraps our week and weekend! We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and will update again near the end of the week!

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