Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loving the summer!

We have been keeping busy of course! On Friday we had a busy and fun filled day :) Ellison had a chance to spend some time with her Aunt Sarah and with Sarah's boyfriend, Danny! While they took Ellison to play, Connor and I had our 16 week check up for Baby Ball. The appointment was short and sweet. We didn't have an ultrasound but we did hear the heartbeat...which is sweet music to our ears :) It was the first time we got to hear it. Absolutely amazing! The heartrate was right at 150 which favors the baby being another girl based on what my doctor says. However we are still open for either boy or girl (I really don't have any gut feelings). While we were at the doctor this is what Ellison was doing... 
Ellison was introduced to the candy store at the mall...
Riding the carousel with Aunt Sarah
Ellison was in love with the butterfly sucker Aunt Sarah got her...
She got very spoiled!
After our doctor's appointment, we met up with Sarah, Danny and Ellison at Puckett's in downtown Franklin for lunch! We headed home for naps then Connor, Ellison and I met our friends The Henricks for dinner at McDougal's. Ellison always has a blast hanging out with her friend Luke...

After dinner with our friends we went on a walk to a park and got rained on!
Ellison and her friend Luke at dinner

Today Ellison's Uncle "GoGo" arrived in town. We have not seen him in 2 months! Ellison was very happy to have some play time with her Uncle. We went to the pool with a friend of mine to have some fun in the sun! Ellison has no fear of the water...she wore us out!
I love this picture! She loves to jump into the water and has no hesitations!
"Hi mom!"
Playing with toys
Being super silly with Uncle GoGo!

Riding in her raft!

Uncle GoGo, mommy and Ellison (and Baby Ball :)

After the pool we came home for a nap, then headed back to my parents house for dinner with the family. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday (again :) my parents wedding anniversary that is coming up and also 6 years of marriage for Connor and I (June 12th). It was a yummy dinner and Ellison had a blast entertaining everyone like always :)

We still have 2 more days of our weekend! We hope everyone has a good Memorial holiday!

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Fun times for all! What a great holiday week-end!