Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water fun!

Riding around
Checking out the binoculars
Playing in the sprinkler
Having so much fun with friends!
Loving the start of summer!
I am sorry but how cute are those butt cheeks?!
My cute pie!
Running away from the water!

So now that summer has officially begun for us we finally had some fun in sun yesterday and today! I take care of 3 sweet kids (in addition to my sweet Ellison) 2 days a week. When we were over at their house yesterday we decided to put bathing suits on, hook up the sprinklers and play in the water! The kids had a blast and Ellison LOVED it! So once we got home yesterday afternoon I decided to pull out our baby pool and sprinkler to have ready when we are home and needing some fun in the sun! Today I met some friends at the Forrest Crossing pool. We have not been to a pool since last summer and even though Ellison loved it then I wasn't sure how much she would love it now. Well, all I can say is she LOVED it even more than last year! She would even stand on the edge of the pool and jump in (with me catching her of course). She kept wanting me to let go of her in the big pool because she thought she could just take off on her own. She is not a fan of being confined in a floating device. So Connor and I are signing her up for some Parent & Me swim lessons at the recreation center. We are going to have a fun time at the pool this summer!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Great idea to get Ellison started with swimming lessons since she is getting so independent in the water! Fun in the summer sun!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

love to take her to change after, once I get her naked eat her p---y for an hour then we have sex under the shower