Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Overview :)

Once again we had a busy and full week! I took care of kids Monday-Thursday which included lots of playdates with friends at the park, the mall, story time at the library and a trip or two to McDonald's playland :) Ellison has done absolutely wonderful in her big girl bed! She actually naps longer in it than she did in her crib. She is averaging about 2 hour naps and 11 hours at night with no interruptions. She just climbs right into her bed with a smile on her face! 

On Friday we went shopping with Nan (my grandmother) which is always fun :) We ate a yummy lunch together then headed home for a nap. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of Ellison's friend...Connor! It was at the park and was a beautiful day for it. Ellison had so much fun seeing her friends and mommy had a chance to catch up with some of her mommy friends!

Waiting patiently for cupcakes and icecream!

Ellison and her great friend Molly Moo!

After Connor's party, we headed home for a nap (mommy might have even slept a little too :) then we headed to my parents house to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! My parents had a cookout with all of their friends so we went over to help celebrate with all of them! We had a great time and Ellison was the hit of the party of course :) We didn't get home until 9:45 that night and Ellison was an angel and full of energy up until we laid her in bed at 10 o'clock! She is such a trooper.
Our friends Adrienne and Darrick
Daddy and Ellison
Little Diva at the party

Helping Poppy blow out his candles
Yay! Happy Birthday Poppy!

On Sunday we woke up and it was beautiful outside! It actually felt like the first official day of summer. So we decided to load up and head to the zoo for the morning. It was a perfect day for it and of course Ellison had a blast! Mommy got a little tired and heated after a couple of hours so I stopped to rest while daddy and Ellison went to visit the elephants, giraffes and feed the birds!

At the zoo!

Checking out some reptiles
Looking at the birds
One of her favorite animals...the Red Panda
Mommy, Ellison and The Little Bump at Alligator Cove
Brushing the goats

After the zoo we headed home for nap (once again mommy might have snoozed a bit :) then we had a fun family outing for the evening. We took Ellison to Target to buy one of these...

and some of these...
Even though Ellison uses the potty about twice a day she is not technically "potty trained." So we are going to attempt the potty training this upcoming weekend. I thought it was important for all of us to go to Target for her "shopping" and show Ellison how exciting and special this was! She made all of the decision by herself, she picked out an Elmo toilet seat to go on the big potty and chose the Dora panty pack (of course!). She was such a big girl and insisted on carrying her panties throughout Target. Afterwards we headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner (Ellison LOVES pizza) and then we had a coupon for

Sweet Cece's in Downtown Franklin...where we enjoyed some of this...

We had a fun family night! Once we got home Connor put Ellison to bed and then we sat down to watch the final episode of LOST!

Another week has begun...this is my last week to work 4 days taking care of kids. After this week I will only watch kids 3 days a week so I can have some free time for hanging with Ellison and friends...AND start getting ready for Baby #2! I am almost 16 weeks along...we have another doctors appointment this Friday just to check on everything. Then when we go back in another 4 weeks we will find out what Baby Ball is!!!

Happy Monday everybody :)

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