Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Friday was great, after our appointment to check on Baby Ball we had a relaxing afternoon then we headed over to visit with The Myers Family. As I have mentioned, this family is very dear to us. Griffin is Ellison's Godfather and his parents & brothers are like family to us. It was beautiful outside so we just played and played til about 7:30 at night. Then the rain came after we headed to bed. We woke up Saturday morning to a wet Franklin, TN. It rained all day long, non-stop. We stayed indoors and did some things around the house. I went out with a friend for a little bit but because the weather got so bad so quick we did not stay out for very long. We took Ellison to may parents house to spend the night so Connor and I could head into Nashville for our big date night. We had an absolute blast at the Jimmy Buffet concert! He was amazing and was probably one of the best concerts I have been to. We stayed in Nashville for the night, woke up Sunday morning and started our adventure back into Franklin.

I could go on and on about the insane things we witnessed during our travel back home because of the Flood of 2010 in middle Tennessee. However just know it was and still is very bad. It took us several attempts to get Ellison from my parents because of road closures and flooding. Neighborhoods close to us were evacuated, bridges have buckled in downtown Franklin, concrete in the roads have washed and are cracking, house are ruined, cars are ruined, some people died, building were under water...all within 5 miles of our house. We feel so thankful to have stayed safe, dry and without any losses.

Last night we decided to have some dear friends over for pizza and playtime for the kids. It was a fantastic idea! The kids had a blast and got some much needed energy out. The food was great but the company was even better! It helped brighten such a rainy day. Today Ellison and I are hanging at home. Schools were cancelled and I wouldn't be surprised if they were again tomorrow. It took Connor 2 hours to get to work (usually it takes 15 minutes) because so many main roads are closed throughout Franklin and Nashville. We have stand still traffic in front of our house which is unheard of! At least the sun is out and is suppose to stay that way all week! We hope everyone had a safe weekend!

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