Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots going on and lots to prepare for!

We have been busy busy! Lets see here, last weekend we had Ellison's swimming lesson. I attended for the first time to take some pictures and video. Well, it wasn't the wisest decision for mommy to attend. Ellison was happy for the first half and then started getting upset every time she saw me sitting on the bleachers that she wanted "out." Even the instructors were commenting that she is always the happiest kid there but wasn't on that day. Here are some pictures though, she really is doing great! She goes under water, jumps in with no fear from the side of the pool, can kick her legs and is working on paddling with her hands.
Waiting for her swim lesson to start!
Getting warmed up, singing songs and kicking their feet!
Having fun!
Loves swimming with daddy...
Practicing kicking with the kick board...
Getting ready to jump in
Swimming with daddy :)

After her swim lesson we went to the Farmer's Market to walk around and buy some veggies. Last Saturday evening we headed to Columbia to celebrate Father's Day with Connors dad. It was good to see everyone and Ellison was a wild woman :) We didn't get home til around 9 and she didn't go to bed til about 9:30.
Playing at T-daddy and Jen's house
Sleepy girl
Ellison with her T-daddy :)

On Sunday morning we started Father's Day off by going canoeing as a family of 4 ;) We actually had to wake Ellison up because she was so tired from the night before. We loaded into the canoe right near our house and had so much fun! Of course as Connor went to take the first picture we noticed that I forgot to put the camera battery back into the camera. I was so mad because there was so many great photos that we missed. Ellison had a blast, she just about did better than me :) We were out in sun and canoeing for almost 4 hours. There were no tears, whining or complaints. Ellison would help row with the paddles, point out birds, fish, bugs and even helped her daddy reel in several fish. She loved fishing so much she would squeal with delight when Connor reeled one in then she insisted on touching every fish, would stick her finger in their mouths and then kiss the fish before putting it back in the water. She is such a daddy's girl :)

We canoed all the way to a spot close to my parents house so when we were done we loaded back in the car and headed to GJ and Poppy's for a little Father's Day celebration with my family! We had a yummy brunch waiting for us and dry clothes :)

Daddy and daughter
Connor, Ellison, Poppy and Claude

We haded home only to get cleaned up then loaded back in the car to head to Columbia to celebrate Father's Day and MeMac's birthday with family! Ellison spent the night with MeMac so I had the whole day to myself on Monday. It was great, I got a lot accomplished!

This whole week has flown by, we were busy once again playing with friends at the park, going to the pool and babysitting...

Playing dress up!
Playing around and being silly!

Now that brings us to this current weekend. We are POTTY TRAINING! It started yesterday and Ellison did pretty well. She wore panties all day except a pull up during nap. The pull up was dry when she got up! Throughout the whole she only had 2 accidents. Today we are staying home ALL day (except for her last swim lesson which she and daddy are at right now as I type). Then depending on how she does today we may try to get out for just a little bit tomorrow.

This upcoming week is very exciting and busy! We have lots of play dates already planned and GUE (my uncle) is coming in town for the 4th of July weekend as well as my brother (Uncle "GoGo"). It is most exciting because we find out the gender of Baby Ball this week! We won't announce til probably Sunday (in a week) because we are revealing to our families over the weekend. We are so excited to find out!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Summer Time!

Fun and eventful week so far! We have been playing some at home, going to the pool with friends, babysitting, playing at the park and another fun event that we had was story time with ELMO! We are looking forward to the weekend and celebrating Father's Day with Connor and with our families. I can't believe it is already the middle of June, time is flying by! We find out the gender of Baby Ball in just 2 weeks :) The other accomplishment this week is Ellison has been asking to use the big potty several times and every time we put her on it she goes! Maybe she will just potty train herself, what a blessing that would be :)

Got into the Hello Kitty stamps and decided to stamp her mouth ;)
Every morning we destroy the playroom...
Playing at the pool with lots of our friends
Ellison and her friend Molly Moo
Ellison on her new bike (thanks GJ and Nan!)
Playing at Pinkerton Park with friends
On the tire swing with Theo, Anneka and Olivia
Playing the drums :)
Story time with ELMO...(it did not go very well but I insisted on a picture :) I had 4 kids with me, all under the age of 3 and lets remember I am pregnant...well lets just say there were MANY tears, screams and tackling (the kids tackling me to rescue them) when the big, furry, kind and red thing came out to read for story time:) It was memorable!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Bees!

Once again we have been busy bees so far this weekend! It started yesterday, Ellison and I went to the pool with some of our friends. It was a good day for it because it was hot and humid! Ellison had a blast, I think she would swim and be in the water all day and night if she could :) Last night Connor and I went to dinner for our anniversary while our friends watched Ellison. It worked out well because Ellison played hard with her friends, Ava and Asher, she was exhausted when we picked her up!

A picture of our sweetie just playing at a friend's house!
Ellison helping daddy do some projects around the house :) She is such a big helper!

This morning Ellison and Connor headed to her swimming lesson, which she did fabulous at :) They worked on going under water, which she enjoyed very much (she would hold her breath, close her eyes but would be smiling the whole time...priceless). The instructor made it fun by incorporating songs while splashing and submerging under water. They also worked on floating on their backs and blowing bubbles in the water. I met Connor and Ellison at a birthday party for one of Ellison's friends, Ella, after the swim lesson. It was at a park and so many of our great friends were there. It was HOT and HUMID (about 90 degrees with like 100% humidity) but that did not stop those kids (especially Ellison) from running around and playing on the playset around the park. I think all of the parents had a harder time in the heat than the kids. It was a lot of fun and wore us all out!

Sitting with some of her friends, waiting for cake! Of course Ellison helped Ella blow out the candles :)
Ellison and her friend Ella (the birthday girl)!
Playing at the birthday party...sliding is her favorite thing!
Sliding some more...
Once she got a hold of bubbles that is ALL she wanted to do...she LOVES bubbles!
Mr. Anthony pushing Ellison and her friends on the swing...

After the party we came home for a nap (of course I expected Ellison to be exhausted but she only slept for hardly 1 hour, woke up and was ready to play!). Luckily we made plans to meet up with some friends (The Cahills and The Ogles) to eat dinner at a park...however (long story short) we all ended up back at our house because all of the local parks had events going on. It worked out well because we ate on the deck, had a potty to use, had a air conditioned house to take breaks in ;) and the 4 kids played on the playset and had a blast running through the sprinkler. It was great! Ellison was SO DIRTY...I have never seen a kid especially a girl, get this dirty.

This picture was taken after all the kids were done playing on the playset before we decided to turn on the sprinkler...sweat and dirt! Oh and she is holding a dead butterfly she found on the patio, gotta love her :)
Playing in the sprinkler with her friends!
We are proud of our girly diva/ tom boy :) That is definitely what she is! Ellison went to bed worn out, Connor is passed out on the couch while I update this blog :) Thankfully we have a low key Sunday planned before another week of fun begins!

Happy Anniversary Connor!

Today Connor and I are celebrating 6 wonderful years of marriage! We have known each other for 12 years, have been together (dating, engaged, married) for 10.5 years and married for 6 years :) Just like any normal and healthy relationship we have had many ups and a few downs but I truly wouldn't change a thing. We are so blessed with our beautiful and growing family! I love you Connor with all of me! I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to call you mine forever :) Happy Anniversary! XOXOXO

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far this week...

The end to our weekend was great! Sunday morning we took Ellison to the zoo (we LOVE having the annual pass) and ran into some of our friends while there, which is always fun :) It was a great day for the zoo, wasn't too hot and actually started rain right as we were leaving. The one thing that amazed me was how much Ellison LOVED feeding the birds. I mean she was absolutely fearless! Take a look for your self...
Feeding the birds!
She even got a little agressive with them if they didn't want to eat, she would shove the cup in their face!

Strolling around like a diva at the zoo!
Checking out her favorite exhibit...the Meer Cats
Mommy, Ellison and Baby Ball
Playing in the jungle gym...tons of fun!
Playing with our friends that we ran in to while at the jungle gym!

This week I am watching kids Monday-Wednesday then I have a long weekend from Thursday thru Monday :) Our 6 year anniversary is on Saturday!!! I can't believe it! We have already had 2 fun playdates this week at the pool and at a friend's house. I just love the summer time!

*Also (don't want to leave this important news out) I have been feeling Baby Ball move around the past couple days. Especially last night, he/she was just poking or kicking away like crazy. What an amazing feeling, I have missed it! The baby was moving so much last night that even Connor got to feel a little nudge a couple of times. It is still pretty faint but literally feels like my belly is full of butterflies fluttering around :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first sewing project!

I did it! I completed my first sewing project :) I am totally excited about taking on this new hobby! I'll be honest, at first once I brought the sewing machine home I was terrified of it. Until my wonderful friend, Beth (she is a pro!) came over and gave me my first tuitorial. She was awesome! I completed my first pillowcase dress...what do you think???