Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Bees!

Once again we have been busy bees so far this weekend! It started yesterday, Ellison and I went to the pool with some of our friends. It was a good day for it because it was hot and humid! Ellison had a blast, I think she would swim and be in the water all day and night if she could :) Last night Connor and I went to dinner for our anniversary while our friends watched Ellison. It worked out well because Ellison played hard with her friends, Ava and Asher, she was exhausted when we picked her up!

A picture of our sweetie just playing at a friend's house!
Ellison helping daddy do some projects around the house :) She is such a big helper!

This morning Ellison and Connor headed to her swimming lesson, which she did fabulous at :) They worked on going under water, which she enjoyed very much (she would hold her breath, close her eyes but would be smiling the whole time...priceless). The instructor made it fun by incorporating songs while splashing and submerging under water. They also worked on floating on their backs and blowing bubbles in the water. I met Connor and Ellison at a birthday party for one of Ellison's friends, Ella, after the swim lesson. It was at a park and so many of our great friends were there. It was HOT and HUMID (about 90 degrees with like 100% humidity) but that did not stop those kids (especially Ellison) from running around and playing on the playset around the park. I think all of the parents had a harder time in the heat than the kids. It was a lot of fun and wore us all out!

Sitting with some of her friends, waiting for cake! Of course Ellison helped Ella blow out the candles :)
Ellison and her friend Ella (the birthday girl)!
Playing at the birthday party...sliding is her favorite thing!
Sliding some more...
Once she got a hold of bubbles that is ALL she wanted to do...she LOVES bubbles!
Mr. Anthony pushing Ellison and her friends on the swing...

After the party we came home for a nap (of course I expected Ellison to be exhausted but she only slept for hardly 1 hour, woke up and was ready to play!). Luckily we made plans to meet up with some friends (The Cahills and The Ogles) to eat dinner at a park...however (long story short) we all ended up back at our house because all of the local parks had events going on. It worked out well because we ate on the deck, had a potty to use, had a air conditioned house to take breaks in ;) and the 4 kids played on the playset and had a blast running through the sprinkler. It was great! Ellison was SO DIRTY...I have never seen a kid especially a girl, get this dirty.

This picture was taken after all the kids were done playing on the playset before we decided to turn on the sprinkler...sweat and dirt! Oh and she is holding a dead butterfly she found on the patio, gotta love her :)
Playing in the sprinkler with her friends!
We are proud of our girly diva/ tom boy :) That is definitely what she is! Ellison went to bed worn out, Connor is passed out on the couch while I update this blog :) Thankfully we have a low key Sunday planned before another week of fun begins!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great day with super pictures! Ellison is definitely a girly tomboy. Hope you can rest up today.
Love ya,