Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Summer Time!

Fun and eventful week so far! We have been playing some at home, going to the pool with friends, babysitting, playing at the park and another fun event that we had was story time with ELMO! We are looking forward to the weekend and celebrating Father's Day with Connor and with our families. I can't believe it is already the middle of June, time is flying by! We find out the gender of Baby Ball in just 2 weeks :) The other accomplishment this week is Ellison has been asking to use the big potty several times and every time we put her on it she goes! Maybe she will just potty train herself, what a blessing that would be :)

Got into the Hello Kitty stamps and decided to stamp her mouth ;)
Every morning we destroy the playroom...
Playing at the pool with lots of our friends
Ellison and her friend Molly Moo
Ellison on her new bike (thanks GJ and Nan!)
Playing at Pinkerton Park with friends
On the tire swing with Theo, Anneka and Olivia
Playing the drums :)
Story time with ELMO...(it did not go very well but I insisted on a picture :) I had 4 kids with me, all under the age of 3 and lets remember I am pregnant...well lets just say there were MANY tears, screams and tackling (the kids tackling me to rescue them) when the big, furry, kind and red thing came out to read for story time:) It was memorable!

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