Sunday, June 6, 2010

Loving summer nights!

We love the summer time but there is something about a summer night spent with dear friends that is the best! This weekend has turned into a busy one (again :) We have been playing a lot outside, yesterday Ellison had her first swimming lesson. Connor took her and they had a blast! It is just a very basic class but they are learning different positions for parents to hold their child in to encourage kicking and submerging underwater. Ellison is quite the little kicker, she also practiced jumping into the water and going under the water. She is already a pro at jumping in however she still keeps her mouth wide open when she goes underwater. She will get it though! After swim lessons we went to the Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh veggies for a summer vegetable spaghetti Connor is making for dinner tonight! We came home, Ellison and Connor took a nap. Then Ellison and I ran some errands.

Playing at home outside
Waiting for the water!

Last night was super fun! We decided to meet up with our dear friends, The Ogle Family at a park. We each brought our dinner with us so the kids could play free and run wild while we ate. It worked out perfect! The kids had a blast, the parents actually had some good talking/conversation time, we all went on a walk after we got done eating and playing, then at 8pm (when we should have headed home for bed time) we all decided to take the kids to Sweet Cece's in downtown Franklin for icecream! So we didn't get home til 9pm last night and Ellison was worn out! It was a perfect summer night spent with great friends! We look forward to doing that again and again during the summer :)

Daddy and Ellison on the slides

At the park waiting for our friends to arrive!

Having so much fun!
Ellison and her friend Ava having fun :)

Ellison climbing the rock wall...what a big girl! (She almost made it to the top by herself)
Going down the slide!
Mommy, Ellison and Baby Ball on the slides

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