Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far this week...

The end to our weekend was great! Sunday morning we took Ellison to the zoo (we LOVE having the annual pass) and ran into some of our friends while there, which is always fun :) It was a great day for the zoo, wasn't too hot and actually started rain right as we were leaving. The one thing that amazed me was how much Ellison LOVED feeding the birds. I mean she was absolutely fearless! Take a look for your self...
Feeding the birds!
She even got a little agressive with them if they didn't want to eat, she would shove the cup in their face!

Strolling around like a diva at the zoo!
Checking out her favorite exhibit...the Meer Cats
Mommy, Ellison and Baby Ball
Playing in the jungle gym...tons of fun!
Playing with our friends that we ran in to while at the jungle gym!

This week I am watching kids Monday-Wednesday then I have a long weekend from Thursday thru Monday :) Our 6 year anniversary is on Saturday!!! I can't believe it! We have already had 2 fun playdates this week at the pool and at a friend's house. I just love the summer time!

*Also (don't want to leave this important news out) I have been feeling Baby Ball move around the past couple days. Especially last night, he/she was just poking or kicking away like crazy. What an amazing feeling, I have missed it! The baby was moving so much last night that even Connor got to feel a little nudge a couple of times. It is still pretty faint but literally feels like my belly is full of butterflies fluttering around :)

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