Friday, July 16, 2010

Major catch up!

What a week! I am sorry for being so behind on updates but this week has been insane! I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to teach an enrichment camp this week at Oak View Elementary but I am so glad it is Friday and the my week is over :) Ellison has been bopping around from place to place and caregiver to caregiver all week long. I feel like I have hardly seen her but I am so thankful for the help from our families! Lets see here, Ellison spent Sunday night thru Tuesday afternoon in Columbia with Connor's mom (MeMac). They had a great time visiting with more family, going to see a play castle and just spending time together. Ellison stayed with us on Tuesday night then Wednesday morning my mom (GJ) took care of Ellison. They went shopping with my grandmother and of course had a ball :) Ellison stayed with my parents Wednesday night then yesterday my parents took Ellison to the Chattanooga Aquarium. She had an absolute blast! She loved everything she saw and had a hard time leaving the displays of beautiful fish, penguins and other wildlife. We finally had Ellison back home with us last night but then this morning her Aunt Sarah took her for the day. They are on their way back here to the house as I type this. I feel like I have not really seen Ellison for a whole week!

This weekend equals major family time for Connor, Ellison and myself. Tonight we are having Sarah (Connor's sister) and her boyfriend Danny over for dinner. Tomorrow Connor and I are taking Ellison to a berry farm to pick blueberries and peaches. Then tomorrow night we are having our great friends...The Ogle Family, over for dinner and fun playtime for the kids :) We may go to the zoo or swimming on Sunday, we aren't sure yet. Connor will be out of town all next weekend and then the next weekend Connor, Ellison and I (and Eli) are headed to Pasadena, CA for our vacation and a fun visit with my Uncle and his family! I cannot wait!!! So for now, the only pictures I have from this week are ones my parents took at the aquarium. I hope everyone had a great week and I will update more at the end of the weekend :)

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Anonymous said...

We had an absolutely fabulous time with Ellison at the Aquarium. She is definitely an animal lover!!! Every person she saw she wanted to tell them about the jellyfish and big turtle! Fun times!
Love you all,
GJ and Poppy