Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer break is half way over!

Today is July 1st and for me that means my summer break is half way over already! Time is flying by :( We have just been so busy and will continue to be up until school starts back. This past week has been a fun one. We have been continuing Ellison's potty training and she is doing so great! We are so proud of our big girl. The past 2 days she has had no accidents and wears her big girl panties all day unless she is taking a nap or in bed for the night. Even during her nap when she gets up her pull up is dry. The great thing is this whole week we have hardly been at home during the day so she is fine going potty wherever we are and will hold it while in the car til we get to our destination. Even with the distractions of playing with friends, or being outside she has not had any accidents. She is also getting better at telling me when she needs to go instead of me having to ask or remind her...
Ellison helping daddy make pancakes wearing her big girl panties!
Ellison showing off her big girl Dora panties :)

This past Monday we had a very fun play date with a friend I went to high school with and her little girl who is exactly Ellison's age. We went to Peek A Boo Playtown which is a brand new indoor play area for kids. It was such a cute place with a lot of imaginary play and the girls had so much fun!
Taking a snack break with her friend, Lillian
Playing in the ball pit
Being princesses and getting ready for a tea party!
My little girly girl :)

On Tuesday we spent the morning playing with Ellison's good friends, Ava and Asher at the pool. Their mommy, Nikki, is one of my best friends...we always have so much fun together! Yesterday we had to babysit so we went to Crocket Park to play. It was my first time going there and it is such a pretty and nice park. The playground is great and is shaded. The kids had a blast. I ran some errands yesterday afternoon since little stinker decided not to nap. Today we babysit again and then tonight we are eating dinner with my family because my Uncle from California will be in town!

We are really looking forward to the weekend and sharing the new about Baby Ball #2! I will be posting the results on here Saturday night after our big family dinner/celebration. We are so excited!


Anonymous said...

We can't wait!!!!!!

Project Life said...

I just want to know NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

nice panties bet underneath is sweet too

Anonymous said...

Ellison you don't know how badly I want to pull down your panties and lick your kitty

babyp=ssyluver said...

could we see her naked please?

Anonymous said...

bet those little knickers smell sweeeeeeeeeeet, pee and baby p-ssy yum yum

Anonymous said...

be a good girl and pull down your little panties for me