Monday, July 26, 2010

The Zoo and Friends!

I know I am behind again! Last weekend we had fun just spending time together since we had not been with Ellison much the week before because of work. We took Ellison to the zoo and we had a blast (it is SO nice having the annual pass to the zoo). Ellison gets so excited as soon as we turn into the parking lot. Instead visiting all the animals, we spent more time playing in the jungle gym, playing in the water fountains and rode the carousel for the first time (now of course Ellison expects to ride it every time we are at the zoo :) Here are some pictures...
Playing in the fountains, waiting on the water to spray her!
Jungle Gym
Down the slide!
Daddy and daughter :)
Having lots of fun!
Her favorite zoo activity...feeding the birds
First time on the carousel...she loved it :)
Splashing in the puddles
Ready to put on dry clothes
Ellison riding the giraffe
Mommy, Ellison and Eli :)

This past week has been fun and busy. Connor was out of town starting early Thursday morning and he just got back home yesterday. This was also my last week of babysitting! Now I have 3 weeks of vacation before I start back to school :) We played a lot with friends this week and we enjoyed some Sweet Cece's icecream with daddy before he left to go out of town...
Waiting to go play with friends

Playing at Peekaboo Playtown with's a new indoor play area and is lots of fun!
Her favorite is the ball pit...
Eating Sweet Cece's in downtown Franklin
I love her so much :)
Sharing icecream with daddy :)
Playing around...

Ellison and I had lots of time to spend together since daddy was out of town. So we did some shopping, we visited with my grandparents, spent the night with GJ and Poppy (my parents), mommy was able to hang out with some girlfriends (thank you GJ and Poppy for taking Ellison), went to church and on Saturday I took Ellison back to the zoo for Ice Day! It was tons of fun! We were there pretty much all of Saturday morning from as soon as the zoo opened till lunch.

Ice Day at the Zoo! The sign was already melting when we got there...the zoo had been opened just 5 minutes, I don't think it last long :)
Feeling the ice...
Petting the goats
She loves the alligators
Carousel ride again, this time on the lion! She kept saying "roar!"

Getting her face painted, she insisted! We waited in line for 45 minutes in the blazing sun. I just knew she wouldn't cooperate once it was our turn but I was SO wrong. She was so patient and when it was our turn she let go of my hand, turned around handed me her burpie (the most important object in her life!) got in the chair and told the lady, "I want lady bugs!" The lady loved her! So she gave Ellison some extra treatment with a sprinkle of fairy dust and a lady bug on her hand as well as her face :)
This picture is out of order but here we are headed home after a super fun morning :)

Checking out the fish...
Mommy, Ellison and Eli :) with the giraffe. For once Ellison did not freak out with the costume person. However these other kids would not get away from the giraffe so we could get a decent picture...oh well!
The final face painting product!


Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it. What fun times you all have had!
love ya,
GJ and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. What a great Christmas present from MeMac. Bad news though Ellison rode the carousel last August with MeMac, Will and me.

Hope Lindsey is feeling well.
Delisa, David, Reed and Will