Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #2 (Vacation in South Pasadena)

Sunday-Day #2
After a very early morning start...we all walked from my Uncle's house to a wonderful breakfast place in the heart of South Pasadena called Heirloom. Every time my Uncle comes to visit us here in Nashville we insist on him bringing us coffee from this place. The walk was beautiful, the freshly brewed coffee was amazing but the food was incredible! We ended up walking there every morning for breakfast (except the day we went to Disneyland) because we couldn't get enough of it! The weather was so pleasant our whole trip so we ate outside every morning. We walked around the town for a little bit then headed back to their house.
Ready to head out for a walk and breakfast!
Say cheese!
Our little sweetie
Walking with Googie and GUM

This is how pretty the streets were walking in my Uncle's neighborhood through South Pasadena
Beautiful houses
My Uncle's House

After we got back to the house we didn't waste anytime. We loaded up in the cars and drove to Newport Beach, CA. My Uncle took us all sailing around Newport for the morning. Ellison wasn't sure about being out on the water on a sailboat. She was pretty chill and quiet during most of the ride but I think she was just taking it all in. She never got upset or scared. When we saw some sea lions she got very excited of course! We really enjoyed being out on the water for a little bit and saw some beautiful scenery!
Matt, his girlfriend Naomi and Grace

Sailing in Newport Beach, CA!
Ellison and daddy (I think she was not very happy about wearing the big orange floaty)
Pretty scenery
Ellison loved seeing the sea lions
Riding with mommy and Eli
At the front of the boat with daddy
Ellison helping sail the boat with Captain Googie
Our sweet little family...

After sailing we ate a late lunch then headed over to Balboa Island. I love this place, I grew up spending just about every summer going to Balboa. They have fun shopping, yummy food, a ferry ride and a carnival that is open all year! While there we also were able to visit one of the beaches in Newport. The water was freezing cold but we got to put our feet in :)

Riding the carousel on Balboa Island
Ellison and Googie
The sweetest face
Mommy and Eli :)
Getting our feet in at the beach
It was pretty chilly!
Family picture at the beach
Sand in our toes!

After a full day of sailing, Newport Beach and Balboa Island we all headed home. Since we had a late lunch we just ordered some pizza and spent the evening soaking in the hot tub and did a little night swimming. Once again, Ellison was such a trooper. The only nap she had for the whole day was in the car on the way to Newport Beach. She stayed up to swim for awhile once we got home then went to bed around 9 or so!

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