Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #3 (Vacation in South Pasadena, CA)

Monday-Day #3

My Uncles had to work so we had some relaxing time at the house and we were able to do a little shopping around town since it was all in walking distance of the house. Once we got up and ready the 3 of us (Ellison, Connor and myself) walked down to Heirloom for breakfast. After breakfast we walked down through the shops in South Pasadena. There were some really cute places. Ellison fell asleep towards the end of our walk so when we got back to the house we put her down for a nap. Once she woke up we decided to take the train to Chinatown with Matt and Grace. Chinatown was like any other Chinatown...lots and lots of shops lining the streets, not many people speaking English and the smell of Chinese food! On our way home from Chinatown we stopped at Trader Joe's to do some grocery shopping. Then we made the walk back to the house. It was nice having some many things within walking distance. Once we got settled back at home we all decided to swim in the pool til my Uncles got home. That evening we ate at one of the best Mexican restuarants I have ever been to! They had a lady that made fresh guacamole at your was delicious! Ellison did great but fell asleep at dinner because we were out a bit late. We all headed home and I stayed up with Grace to watch The Bachelorette Season Finale! By the time that was over it was close to 11:30 at night so I headed to bed :)

On our way to Heirloom for breakfast...Ellison checking out the big sunflower
Isn't she the cutest?!
Ellison eating her yummy breakfast at Heirloom
Walking in South Pasadena with daddy
Family photo in Chinatown
More Chinatown
Everyone at the Mexican restaurant for dinner...
Ellison sleeping with daddy at dinner...

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