Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #4 The Happiest Place on Earth :)

Tuesday- Day #4

We all woke up very excited about this special day! We took Ellison to Disneyland! My Uncle, Grace, Connor, Ellison and I all went together then later around lunch time Matt and Mark met up with us to spend the rest of the day there. We did SO MUCH I don't think I can remember everything. We took lots of pictures and had an absolute blast! So we got to Disneyland around 10am.

Ellison wearing her super cute Disney attire thanks to my friend Beth!
Here we go!
Mommy, Daddy, Ellison and Eli...Welcome to Disneyland!

After we got into the park we immediately ran into our first Disney character...Goofy :) So just to give you a little history about Ellison and people dressed in costumes, well lets just say she has never been a fan. It usually results in many tears, nodding her head no and having the death grip on whichever caregiver has her. We had no expectations of her in going to Disneyland. In fact I think we prepared ourselves for her typical reaction so we wouldn't be dissapointed. All I can say is that little stinker proved us wrong :) Now she didn't go running to each character with arms wide open ready to give hugs with excitement BUT there were no tears, no death grips and she even talked to the characters.

Since Goofy was our first character visit she was a little hesitant but we got a really cute picture with him. He was kind of our "warm-up"!

After seeing Goofy we headed to do some kiddy rides and sights before we met up with Matt and Mark since there were also "adult rides" for the grown ups to go on. We went on the carousel, Flying Dumbo ride and It's a Small World (my all time favorite)...
In front of the castle
Riding the carousel with daddy
Cutie pie!
Flying Dumbo with daddy and Grace
She liked the Flying Dumbo ride...
While everyone waited in line for the rides I snuck off to buy Ellison some Mickey Mouse ears and a princess autograph book & pen for Ellison to get the characters autographs! She LOVED her Mickey Mouse ears and wore them just about all morning long...
Waiting in line for It's a Small World
Riding with Googie :)

After we rode some rides we headed to a place called Toon Town. One very cool thing about it was they had Mickey and Minnie's houses there. You stand in line like you would for a ride but you get to go in to tour the houses and then at the end of the tour you get to meet Mickey and Minnie. You can take pictures with them and get their autographs. It was so much nicer this way instead of chasing them through the park trying to find the characters. What was great is in Mickey's house they let several families go in to a room at a time and you take turns meeting Mickey. Well we were the last family to go in our group so it was almost like a private meeting with Mickey for us. Ellison handed off her autograph book to both Mickey and Minnie and talked to them a little bit about how much fun she was having! She even waved bye bye to them and blew was so fun!

Mommy and Ellison in Mickey's house
Meeting Mickey Mouse!
Family picture with Mickey Mouse
Meeting Mickey with Googie and Grace
Ellison waiting to go into Minnie's house...she would not let go of her autograph book, she guarded it with her life!
The back of Ellison's Mickey Mouse ears with her name on it :)
Waiting patiently for Minnie to sign her autograph book...
We love Minnie :)
Group shot with Minnie
Ellison sitting at Minnie's kitchen table...

After meeting Mickey and Minnie it was time for a surprise! My Uncle surprised us by making reservations for eating lunch with the Disney princesses!!! I was SO excited to share this with Ellison. Even though she is still pretty young it was such a special treat and she really enjoyed it :) So we quickly made a stop at the Bippity Boppity Princess Boutique because I had to find some princess attire for Ellison to wear :) After I bought a little pink tiara and disney princess shirt we met up with Matt and Mark. Grace joined them for lunch and to ride some grown up rides while my Uncle, Connor, Ellison and I headed to the princess lunch. Of course as we were walking the 15 minutes it took to get to the place Ellison fell sound asleep in the stroller. I was so worried that she wouldn't wake up for the lunch. Sure enough all we had to do was pick her up out of the stroller and tell her that the princesses were here to see her and she was wide eyed! The first princess we met was was kind of funny because there was a group of us with the same reservation time so we had to wait in line to meet Ariel then be seated at our table. Ellison was so anxious to meet Ariel that she cut out of line and walked right up to Ariel with her autograph book without us knowing!

Getting Ariel's autograph
Picture with Ariel
After we met Ariel we were seated at our table. They had a crown and princess stickers for Ellison. She enjoyed decorating her crown while waiting...
Her beautiful crown :)

While we ordered and waited on our food, 4 more princesses came by our table to meet Ellison. They all signed her book and we had some pictures made. Ellison loved it...she wouldn't eat because she kept watching out for the next princess to arrive. She would hand her book to each princess and talk to them a little bit but of course during picture time she became shy and didn't do much smiling :)

Sleeping Beauty signing Ellison's book
Picture with Sleeping Beauty
Ellison was so proud of herself...
This is how she spent most of the lunch...looking and waiting :)
Getting Cinderella's autograph
Picture with Cinderella
Meeting Snow White which ended up being Ellison's favorite princess...even today I was asking her which princess was her favorite and she always responds with Snow White!
And the last princess we met was Belle!

The lunch was so memorable and we can't thank my Uncle enough for arranging that! We are thrilled that my Uncle was there to share in those special moments with Ellison...thank you Googie!!!

After lunch we met up with everyone else. Grace, Matt and Connor ventured off to ride some rollar coasters so my Uncle took Ellison on another carousel ride and then we waited in line to meet Woody and the Green Army Man (from Toy Story).

Getting Woody and Green Army Man's autographs
Googie, Ellison and mommy with Toy Story characters
Ellison and I with Mark
Ellison and her Great Uncles! (Googie and GUM...and no they did not plan on wearing the same shirt :)

Eventually we met back up with Connor, Grace and Matt. We saw the end of the Disney parade then split up again so we could do a few more kiddy rides with Ellison. So Connor, Googie and I took her to A Bug's Land (better known from the movie A Bug's Life). We rode several more rides there which Ellison loved!  It
was such a cute kid area...

Watching the Disney parade
Strolling around...
Caterpillar ride with daddy
Mad Lady Bug spun a little too fast for us :)
Ride with Googie

After the kiddy rides, I took Ellison to get something to eat and to do a little shopping while everyone else did 1 more adult ride together. Well a little shopping did turn into a lot of shopping...Connor claims I got carried away but I couldn't help myself! Ellison helped me and picked out a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal for Eli to have! We all finally met back up, got a few more pictures together then headed home. All in all we were there from 10am til 10pm and Ellison ONLY napped in the stroller for 15 minutes. She never cried, never whined, never fussed and was never a party pooper. As soon as we strapped her in the car seat she was OUT!

Heading out of the park...
One last Disneyland picture!
The whole gang leaving Disneyland...

Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth, especially when you share the experience with your own child and a loving family! Thank you Uncle Ed :)


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Absolutely the best!!!! What a wonderful trip you had and such special memories that you will cherish forever.
Love you all,

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I really like your new blog page!