Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

So last week we started school but it was just for teachers. It was an orientation week where we have a lot of meetings, training and set up classrooms. Ellison went with me of course but it wasn't officially the start of school yet. Last Wednesday night we had our preschool Open House. They had a free dinner for students, teachers and their families. As well as kid activities (Ellison HAD to get her face painted) and it was a time for parents to meet their child's teacher and see the classrooms. It was weird not having a classroom to set up or to have parents and students to meet since I am only floating til Eli arrives. So Connor, Ellison and I went to Ellison's classroom to pick up her information packet and for Connor to meet Ms. Tina (Ellison's teacher). We also had fun running into friends and catching up with them. I also saw a lot of my students from last year so it was nice to catch up with them as well :)

Ellison with her face paint after Preschool Open House!

Ellison's First Official Day of School!

In front of her name tag and bag hook...

Above is Ellison with her teacher Ms. Tina!
Ellison made a name tag necklace at school with colored noodles! She has not taken it off!

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Anonymous said...

leave the necklace on if u want put that dress needs to come off