Friday, August 13, 2010

My Birthday Weekend!

So I got behind again on blogging and never finished posting about the rest of our California trip. I will try to do that this weekend! We had a pretty good week although it has been HOT! So Ellison and I have stayed indoors mostly and have had playdates with friends that involves air conditioning :) I can't believe we start back to work/school on Monday! I am some what ready to get back into a routine though. However, I am realizing this past week is my last big chunk of time that I will have to spend with my precious Ellison (one on one) because now we will go to work/school til Eli arrives and of course it will all be different once he comes :)

This weekend has already started out great and will continue to be a fun one! My 29th birthday is tomorrow! So when Ellison and I got home today I started my celebration by taking a much needed nap, when I woke up Connor got Ellison out of the house for awhile to run some errands so I could rest some more :) He came home and made me a delicious birthday dinner (okra/sausage/onion/corn/tomato chow with mashed potatoes and a homemade berry trifle). He surprised me with tickets to go see Mumford and Sons (they are coming to Nasvhille the first of November- 10 days before my due date :) AND a prenatal massage!

Tomorrow my parents are taking Ellison for the morning so Connor and I can get some stuff done for Eli's room (clean up, painting, etc.). My parents are taking Ellison to a celebration for Dora's Birthday. Then tomorrow after Ellison's nap we are going to the Williamson County Fair with some friends! Sunday we will go to church and we are having an early happy hour dinner with our dear friends with NO kids at my favorite restaurant...Wild Ginger :) And Sunday night is technically a "school night" for us so that pretty much wraps up the weekend...busy and FUN! I will update Sunday night with many pictures from the weekend festivities!

Have a great weekend everybody! XOXO

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Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday sweetie!!! We love you and so proud of all you've done. You are a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, sister and teacher.
Mom and Dad