Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Family Vacation...South Pasadena, CA and Disneyland!!!

Well we are home after spending 5 wonderful days in South Pasadena, CA with my Uncles and their 2 kids. We had an absolute wonderful time...I even cried on the plane ride home last night because I was so sad to leave. We did so much in just 5 days and to have that time to share with my Uncle and his family was such a treat. It also was very special because it was our last big one on one trip that Connor and I will have with Ellison before her baby brother Eli arrives. I will just start with the first day and post in order...

Saturday- Day #1
We left Nashville at 8:00am in the morning for our flight to Dallas then from there we went on to LAX. Ellison was the best travel buddy. She never cried, never fussed or whined. She sat like a big girl in her seat, played with her goodies that mommy packed her in her backpack and napped a little. We got several compliments about what a great job she did flying. Every time we landed Ellison would start talking to everyone around her while we waited to get off the airplane. She told people her name, how old she was and even told somebody that she was a boy (lets just say it made everyone smile :).  
Waiting at the Nashville airport for our flight!
Daddy and Ellison
Yay! We are taking off...
Riding the tram at the Dallas airport...

My Uncle "Googie" (that is the name Ellison has given him :) picked us up at LAX and we headed back to his house in South Pasadena. His partner Mark (Ellison calls him "GUM") and their 2 kids...Matt and Grace were at the house to greet us when we arrived. As soon as we got settled we all changed into our swimsuits and enjoyed the afternoon with pizza and their heated swimming pool & hot tub! It was so relaxing and perfect!
Swimming at Googie and GUM's house
Swimming with Matt and Grace
Playing with Googie
Playing outside in the Uncle's have lemon and tangelo trees in their backyard!

They aren't in this picture but part of the Ellison/Giberson household are their 2 precious pups...Jack and Lucy. Ellison LOVED them!

After lots of play, a dear friend of my Uncle's came over and cooked dinner for everyone. It was such a nice treat. Ellison was exhausted though. The 2 hour time difference really took a lot out of her. She fell asleep at the dinner table around 9pm. So we put her to bed then after dinner, Mark stayed home with Ellison while the rest of us went and had dessert of Menchie's (a frozen yogurt place). It was yummy! The first night was a bit rough. We shared a room with Ellison and she woke up about every couple of hours crying out. We decided she was very overly tired, confused and off schedule. So I got in her bed with her which seemed to help. Then of course she was awake and ready to start her day at 4:45am the next morning (6:45 Nashville time...which is pretty typical for her to be waking up). After that first night she adjusted very well and would sleep til 7:30 without making a peep all night long!

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