Saturday, August 14, 2010

The rest of our trip!

So here are the remaining pictures from the rest of our trip to California. The last day and a half were spent relaxing, being lazy, pool time and a farewell dinner that Connor made for everyone! Our trip was SO memorable and I can't thank my Uncles enough for such a wonderful time! It went by way too fast and we look forward to getting out there again soon (next time with little Eli :)

My friend Ellen, her husband Jeff and their daughter Caroline live in Pasadena while Jeff is attending dental school. Ellen and I are childhood friends and our parents live in the same neighborhood in Franklin. During our vacation Ellen and her daughter, Caroline came over for a little play time!

Matt, Connor and Ellison

Ellison getting some love :)

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Grace said...

We all had such a wonderful time with you, Connor, and Ellison! Ellison is such a cutie and you and Connor are wonderful parents! :)