Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a GREAT weekend! Our best friends...The McNally Family, came into town Thursday night to spend the long holiday weekend with us. We have not seen them since February which was even before I found out I was pregnant and now I am 30 weeks pregnant! Jen and Ryan have a little boy named Owen and he is 18 months old. Owen and Ellison had a BLAST together!

They got in late Thursday night so we all just headed to bed once they arrived. On Friday morning, Connor went into work for a few hours and the rest of us hung out at the house. Then Jen and I went to my 30 week dr. appointment while the daddies took the kids to lunch and to go fishing & play in a creek. It was nice because Jen and I were able to hang and catch up. After the dr. she and I went to lunch and shopped a little in downtown Franklin. We all met back at home for a little rest...
Hanging at home Friday morning...the kids played and played and played! Since we missed Owen's birthday we gave him his present very late...

Thank you hugs for the birthday present

Playing at the and throwing rocks

Ellison showing how to throw rocks...

Ellison didn't just touch the fish she wanted to hold it on her own...

After some naps and resting...we loaded up and headed to Arrington Vineyards for a picnic dinner, wine and fun with the kids! All I can say is that it was truly perfect! The weather was amazing, the food and wine were great and the kids had SO much fun running around through the vineyards. There was a band playing live music, the sunset was breath taking so we got some great pictures. We stayed WAY later than we planned but it was SO worth it...

Wine tasting at the vineyards

Eating fried chicken, rolls, green beans, mac n cheese and cole slaw...YUM!

My favorite people :)

Owen and Ellison having SO much fun together...


Our cutie pie :)

Mommies and Best Friends

The Boogie

El and Owen swinging

Daddies and babies

Playing in the vineyards

So fun!

Best friends!

Swinging with the kiddos...

A family photo including Eli (30 weeks pregnant)

One of just the 3 of us ;) (30 weeks pregnant with Eli)

They kept going and going and going...

On Saturday, the hubbies woke up super early and spent the whole morning on a fishing trip while us mommies took the sweet little ones to the zoo! The kids had a blast of course :) We saw lots of animals and played hard at the Zoo Jungle Gym...

Petting Zoo...brushing the goats

Our little Dora the Explorer leading us around the zoo

Playing at the Jungle Gym

Having LOTS of fun

Ellison and Owen being silly


After the zoo the kids were worn out! So we headed home for naps. The daddies arrived and headed straight to the kitchen to prepare some corn/black bean dip and buffalo wings (perfect football food :) We spent the evening hanging at home, playing outside in the gorgeous weather then headed to Sweet Cece's after dinner for a sweet treat!

Our Tennessee VOL!

Enjoying some Sweet Cece's in downtown Franklin!

We all got up Sunday morning, lounged around for a little bit and Connor made us his yummy Apple Crisp French Toast for breakfast. It was YUM YUM YUM! After breakfast our friends packed up and headed out. We had a GREAT visit and the kids played so well together. Ellison has been asking where Owen is all day! We plan on making a trip to Knoxville to visit them after the holidays. Thank you McNally Family for coming to see us! We miss and love you guys :)


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Kara said...

Do you have the recipe for the Apple Crisp French Toast? Sound yummy! My 19 month old daughter would love it....could Connor post it on his blog? Thanks!