Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall catch up!

So we had another eventful week and weekend so far! This week Ellison had her Fall parties at school so we dressed in our cute Fall attire all week. The parties were so fun and with the help of daddy we made all the treat bags for Ellison's class...they were a hit! We had some busy evenings as well, Connor carved our big pumpkin while Ellison painted the little pumpkin she picked out at the pumpkin farm we went to a couple of weeks ago. She really enjoyed painting it. One night I hosted a Thirty One gifts party which ended up being a huge hit and I recieved ALOT of free products which is always fun :) I just want to also say that Connor has been an extra huge help around here. I have been winding down more day by day which give Ellison and her daddy some extra bonding time but they both have really enjoyed each other! I love watching them together...

Headed to school...

Carving pumpkins

Ellison getting ready to paint her "punkie"

Ellison, mommy and Eli

Her finished was beautiful!

Super sweet Fall outfit from Connor's mom...

Yesterday (Friday) I took Ellison to my mom's work for trick or treating. This is our 3rd year going and as always, Ellison was a hit in the office and had a great time getting treats. My mom has super sweet coworkers and colleagues...they have tons of treats to pass out to the kids and a super yummy lunch every Halloween! They decorate their offices and wear Halloween attire for all the kids that come visit their floor. Most of the kids are grandchildren of staff. Ellison racked up on goodies and everyone LOVED her ladybug costume...

My little lady bug...

GJ, Ellison and mommy

I ran into my friend Kim and her precious little girl (we had no idea our relatives worked in the same office)

This morning we work up, went to Dunkin Doughnuts for a family breakfast...Ellison loved her donut with strawberry frosting and sprinkles :) Then got dressed up (again :) to go to Pumpkinfest in downtown Franklin. We LOVE Pumpkinfest...once again we have been going for the past 3 years with Ellison. This year she is really getting into the trick or treating and understanding more about people "dressing up" and pretending to be different things. We were there for about 2 hours and ran into some friends and families which is always a was SO beautiful outside!

Walking to Pumpkinfest

Another picture of our precious ladybug

Daddy, Ellison and Scarecrow

Ellison had a bag full of candy but the 1 thing she completely devoured was the apple that we got at the WMC tent/display...

Who ya gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTERS!

My childhood friend, Jenny and her sweet little boy...Cooper

After Pumpkinfest, Connor and Ellison spent the WHOLE afternoon together (well, Ellison slept for a majority of it ;) BUT I went out to lunch with my dear friend and then we spent 3 hours shopping around. It was a girly afternoon (without any children) and I LOVED it! My friend and I decided we needed more of them :)

When I got home Ellison was having a blast with her daddy outside. Connor even painted Ellison's nails...they had a good time bonding :) After Ellison went to bed, Connor and I enjoyed a very YUMMY dinner then we enjoyed the beautiful Fall evening by sitting outside in front of a bonfire Connor started and just had great conversation. I loved just being able to enjoy his company without distraction or sitting in front of a TV watching our usual shows. Overall it was a wonderful day! Now I am headed to bed to rest up for another fun filled day tomorrow...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playdates and update on Eli's arrival!

This week was lots of fun! After a wonderful weekend spent doing a bunch of Fall festivities at the zoo and then going to the pumpkin farm with friends, Ellison and I had Fall break on Monday and Tuesday. So we had a few playdates with friends :) On Monday we went to one of our favorite places, Peekaboo Playtown with my friend Rachel and her son Mason. Of course the kids had tons of fun!


Getting ready to go down the slide!

Riding around...

Rock climbing wall that Ellison was in LOVE with...

The only picture of Ellison and Mason together...loving the ball pit :)

We had school/work on Wednesday and Thursday. We also celebrated Connor's 30th birthday on Wednesday! We ate some yummy Asian Bistro food for dinner to celebrate. Then on Friday Ellison and I met some more friends for another playdate at Pinkerton Park! The weather was so nice, Ellison and her friend Lillian had tons of fun together. They are pretty much the exact same age and really enjoyed each others company!

Sweet girls on the slides

Having fun with our buddy Lillian

Playing in the sand
We love playdates!

Also on Friday we had our first check on how my body is progressing with the arrival of Eli! I am 37 weeks today. Luckily my body has already started to favor the upcoming labor :) I was 50% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. That is better than nothing at all! We also discussed an induction date (if we get to that point). His due date is Saturday, November 13th. However for a list of reasons...we are scheduled to get induced on either Wednesday, November 10th or Thursday, November 11th (we will know for sure what day it will be at our next appointment which is this upcoming Friday). It is so nice to know there is a true end date! We are SO looking forward to meeting our son and beginning our life as a family of 4!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Fun with Friends!

This past weekend we went to a a fun Fall pumpkin farm with our dear friends...The Ogle Family! It is called Honeysuckle Hill Farm, it was about a 1 hour drive from our house but SO worth it. There was TONS of stuff to do. We were there for almost 4 hours and still didn't get to do all of the activities. Connor had his hands full since I couldn't help much with taking Ellison down the slides and some of the other activities. Here are some photos from our super fun day...
Entrance sign to Honeysuckle Hill Farm

We grabbed some lunch as soon as we got there...

Checking out the farm animals

With her friends...Ava and Asher

One of Ellison's best friends, Ava

This slide was insane! It was HUGE and went SO fast...

Ellison loved it so much she went 5 times and insisted on going by herself

The cow train

Jumping on the "Popcorn Pillow" with daddy

It was a bit big for her to do on her own but she LOVED jumping with her daddy

Her buddy and probably future hubby Asher (aren't they cuties!)

Pumping water for the duck race

Picking out a pumpkin

End of the day...we were all exhausted!

Right as we pulled out of the parking lot...

Fall picture back at the house (big pumpkin is for mommy & daddy then a little pumpkin for Ellison and the other little one for Eli :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Connor!

Ellison, Eli and myself want to wish someone VERY special a VERY Happy 30th Birthday! Connor, you mean the world to so many people but mostly to your precious daughter, son and wife. We love you more than anything and are so blessed to have you in our lives! We can't wait to celebrate 30 more years with you :) Hugs and kisses...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trick or Treating at the Zoo!

As you know our family LOVES the Fall and Halloween :) So we are participating in every Halloween/Fall adventure that we can. We took Ellison to the Nashville Zoo last night for trick or treating. It was SO much fun. Ellison LOVED it and had an absolute blast. It was actually a good trial run before Halloween night (seeing how the costume turned out, how Ellison would react this year to the scary decorations and variety of costumes, etc.). Ellison is definitely getting way more into Halloween this year than she did last year. I made her costume (everything except her wings). Here is the cutest lady bug you have ever seen :)
Our precious lady bug (I like to call her my love bug :)

She couldn't be any cuter

Ready to trick or treat with her pumpkin bag

With daddy and the pumpkins

Picture with Mr. Piggy

The 4 of us

One of the stops on the trick or treat trail

Daddy and daughter

Mommy and daughter

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Daddy being silly

Ellison picking out her prize at the bean bag toss

Action photo of Ellison doing the bean bag toss...

We will definitely be going back next year (and Eli will be with us :)