Monday, October 11, 2010

Eli's Room

Eli's room is pretty much complete! There are a few things missing (more decor for the walls and shelves) but I think we are as ready as we can be :) I have started packing our hospital bags and getting things ready for Ellison to be all situated and taken care of in case I actually go into labor. We were induced with Ellison so everything was so much more planned out and predictable, however Connor and I are convinced that Eli may come on his own. I love the way his room turned out. We have a big bed in his room because we still wanted a "guest bed" and we just made it tie into the room theme so it all flows together. Plus it can end up being Eli's big boy bed a few years down the road...

View of his room from the doorway

The big bed...for guests or when Eli is older

Eli's bed (thank you Googie and GUM for the bedding :)
Thank you MeMac for the curtains, they worked out great!

We have many people to thank for helping make Eli's room complete and handsome :) Thank you so much to everyone for all they did and/or contributed! We are ready for our baby boy!

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