Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Fun with Friends!

This past weekend we went to a a fun Fall pumpkin farm with our dear friends...The Ogle Family! It is called Honeysuckle Hill Farm, it was about a 1 hour drive from our house but SO worth it. There was TONS of stuff to do. We were there for almost 4 hours and still didn't get to do all of the activities. Connor had his hands full since I couldn't help much with taking Ellison down the slides and some of the other activities. Here are some photos from our super fun day...
Entrance sign to Honeysuckle Hill Farm

We grabbed some lunch as soon as we got there...

Checking out the farm animals

With her friends...Ava and Asher

One of Ellison's best friends, Ava

This slide was insane! It was HUGE and went SO fast...

Ellison loved it so much she went 5 times and insisted on going by herself

The cow train

Jumping on the "Popcorn Pillow" with daddy

It was a bit big for her to do on her own but she LOVED jumping with her daddy

Her buddy and probably future hubby Asher (aren't they cuties!)

Pumping water for the duck race

Picking out a pumpkin

End of the day...we were all exhausted!

Right as we pulled out of the parking lot...

Fall picture back at the house (big pumpkin is for mommy & daddy then a little pumpkin for Ellison and the other little one for Eli :)

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