Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Fall Weekend!

We have had a great weekend so far! On Friday, Ellison and I ran lots of errands and did some stuff around the house. We had a low key evening and just enjoyed some relaxation. On Saturday, Ellison and I met some friends at the park to play then met up with my mom and grandmother to do a little shopping for Fall weather accessories (looking for socks, tights and a few long sleeve shirts for Ellison). Of course while we were out Ellison managed to get a box of princess dress up shoes (thank you Nan :) So when we got home we HAD to play dress up and show daddy...

Notice how she is wearing 1 pair and holding on to the other 2 pairs. Every day is dress up day at our house...

We watched the VOLS play and then we all worked on little projects in Eli's room. It really is looking SO cute and we are just about done with all of the finishing touches.

This morning we decided to take advantage of the cool Fall weather and head to the zoo. We had not been in over a month! It was chilly outside...almost a little too chilly :) But we LOVED it...

Ellison and daddy in the Meer Cat tunnel

Loving the zoo

Touching the hedge hog

Petting the goats

Brushing the goats...

Looking at the flamingos with daddy

"Look Mama!"

Feeding the birds...

Helping daddy feed the birds...

The birdies liked mommy and Eli too! (34 weeks pregnant)

We ended our zoo visit with a carousel ride


Ellison and daddy are sleeping as I type this blog entry. In a little bit I will be headed to a baby shower that some of my dear friends are hosting for Eli :) I feel so blessed!

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