Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playdates and update on Eli's arrival!

This week was lots of fun! After a wonderful weekend spent doing a bunch of Fall festivities at the zoo and then going to the pumpkin farm with friends, Ellison and I had Fall break on Monday and Tuesday. So we had a few playdates with friends :) On Monday we went to one of our favorite places, Peekaboo Playtown with my friend Rachel and her son Mason. Of course the kids had tons of fun!


Getting ready to go down the slide!

Riding around...

Rock climbing wall that Ellison was in LOVE with...

The only picture of Ellison and Mason together...loving the ball pit :)

We had school/work on Wednesday and Thursday. We also celebrated Connor's 30th birthday on Wednesday! We ate some yummy Asian Bistro food for dinner to celebrate. Then on Friday Ellison and I met some more friends for another playdate at Pinkerton Park! The weather was so nice, Ellison and her friend Lillian had tons of fun together. They are pretty much the exact same age and really enjoyed each others company!

Sweet girls on the slides

Having fun with our buddy Lillian

Playing in the sand
We love playdates!

Also on Friday we had our first check on how my body is progressing with the arrival of Eli! I am 37 weeks today. Luckily my body has already started to favor the upcoming labor :) I was 50% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. That is better than nothing at all! We also discussed an induction date (if we get to that point). His due date is Saturday, November 13th. However for a list of reasons...we are scheduled to get induced on either Wednesday, November 10th or Thursday, November 11th (we will know for sure what day it will be at our next appointment which is this upcoming Friday). It is so nice to know there is a true end date! We are SO looking forward to meeting our son and beginning our life as a family of 4!

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