Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Thanksgiving photos...

My cousin Grace took a TON of photos during their visit here...so many of them turned out great! I wanted to share some...or a lot :)

My Uncles meeting Elic

Playing with Cousin Grace

Sweet face

Ellison cooking for everyone

Being a princess

The kids in their matching aprons from Googie and GUM

I love this picture of us

Walking in downtown Franklin with the Pasadena Crew

Lunch at Panera

Loving her mac n cheese at Panera (it really is super yummy)

My love bug

Mommy, Googie and Ellison

Claude and Ellison

My whole family celebrating Thanksgiving

Too bad Elic wasn't in this photo...I love it

Cousin Grace holding Elic

Ellison loving on Matt

GUM, Matt, Grace and Ellison

Ready to go Uncle GoGo

Playing in the halls with Poppy and GoGo at the rehab facility where Nan is staying

Cheerio break!

Thank you Grace for taking such wonderful photos! It was hard to narrow them down...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Day 2 celebration :)

So the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) my brother, Elic and I headed out in the early morning for some shopping. I left Ellison at home with her daddy, partially because I was picking up Christmas gifts for her and she still was a little under the weather from her croup. Elic was a champ...he slept the whole time except woke up once to nurse (which I did in the car while my brother stood in the forever long line in Toys R Us). I have done Black Friday shopping with my brother the past couple of years and always have enjoyed it. We got some things marked off our lists which is always good :)

Elic and I returned home for some relaxation and regrouping. Then we all headed to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It was a little different this year since my grandmother was at the rehab center recovering from her fall. However, following dinner we all (10 adults and my 2 little ones) went over to the rehab center with dinner plates and dessert for my grandmother and grandfather. We had a nice family gathering and celebration! I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped...my cousin (Grace) took a TON of photos so I will add more once she sends them to me.

GUM cuddling up with Elic

Ellison and Uncle GoGo playing

Wasn't crazy about taking a picture with mommy

I am SO in love with this photo

Eating some cake with GJ

Uncle GoGo and his niece

Once again, Ellison didn't want to cooperate for a photo with Googie and mommy

Nan and Claude with their great grandchildren

Googie getting snuggle time with Elic

Wild woman playing chase with her cousin Grace

Ellison and Cousin Matt

She loves her cousins from Pasadena!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Day 1 celebration :)

We had a busy Thanksgiving celebration! We started Thanksgiving day at home making pumpkin spice pancakes. They were delicious and Ellison was a great helper :)
Helping mommy make the batter

Mommy and daughter

Look at Miss Priss wearing her tutu, gold shoes and working hard in the kitchen :)

Stir Stir Stir!

Then we loaded up and went to Columbia to celebrate part of the day with Connor's dad and his family & then the other part of the day with his mom and her family. It was a day full of fun, family and eating yummy food :) Ellison had a blast playing with her cousins Lee, Will and Reed. Elic did great, he pretty much slept the whole entire day which made things a little easy on me. He only woke up to nurse. Ellison survived the day with no nap, while still recovering from croup and had a smile on her face pretty much all day and evening...she is a champ!
Mama Doris meeting and holding Elic for the first time!

Aunt Heather and Uncle Ben w/ Elic

My cute little turkey

My other little turkey

Aunt Sarah loving on Ellison

Me and my sister n law, Heather

Uncle Ben and Elic

Jen Mama and granddaddy with their grandkids (except sweet Lee)

3 generations of Ball men

Aunt Sarah loving on Elic

Connor's moms whole family!

Ellison with her cousins Will and Reed...all snuggled up in their pajamas after a full Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pasadena Crew

It has been a crazy week! Ellison has been out of school this whole week for Thanksgiving/Fall break. My family from Pasadena came in town last weekend. I call them the "Pasadena Crew" which includes my dear Uncle and his family. We are so happy to have them here in Tennessee to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We have had a lot of family time with them including a fun night at the Wild Horse Saloon, an afternoon spent walking through the shops in downtown Franklin, lunch and breakfast dates. Most importantly they all got to meet Elic for the first time :)
Looking so grown up and taking care of her baby
My silly little turkey

My Uncle's partner Mark holding Elic for the first time

Elic and his great Uncles!

Cousin Matt with Elic

Ellison showing off her new pajamas that Patty, Matt and Grace got her

Practicing being a ballerina

My sweet boy

I can't help myself...he is the absolute cutest!

Love his handsome face

So we took Ellison to the Wild Horse Saloon and she was obsessed with the dance lessons they were giving. She got out there with my mom and this 2 1/2 year old took it so seriously. She paid close attention and was able to follow a majority of the steps that were taught. She amazed me! She was definitely the talk of the place. She cried when we pulled her off the dance floor to go home.

I mean look at Miss Sassy getting into the moves

Having some hang out time with daddy

He loves cuddling with his babies :)

*On a side note please keep my dear grandmother in your thoughts and prayers. She fell the other night and fractured her pelvic bone. She has been in the hospital all week and will be moved to a rehab facility tomorrow to continue therapy for 4 to 6 more weeks. I am praying that she will be able to get home by the Christmas holiday. We are all in good spirits and thankful nothing worse happened but it is still challenging and hard for everyone...we love you Nan!