Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Day 1 celebration :)

We had a busy Thanksgiving celebration! We started Thanksgiving day at home making pumpkin spice pancakes. They were delicious and Ellison was a great helper :)
Helping mommy make the batter

Mommy and daughter

Look at Miss Priss wearing her tutu, gold shoes and working hard in the kitchen :)

Stir Stir Stir!

Then we loaded up and went to Columbia to celebrate part of the day with Connor's dad and his family & then the other part of the day with his mom and her family. It was a day full of fun, family and eating yummy food :) Ellison had a blast playing with her cousins Lee, Will and Reed. Elic did great, he pretty much slept the whole entire day which made things a little easy on me. He only woke up to nurse. Ellison survived the day with no nap, while still recovering from croup and had a smile on her face pretty much all day and evening...she is a champ!
Mama Doris meeting and holding Elic for the first time!

Aunt Heather and Uncle Ben w/ Elic

My cute little turkey

My other little turkey

Aunt Sarah loving on Ellison

Me and my sister n law, Heather

Uncle Ben and Elic

Jen Mama and granddaddy with their grandkids (except sweet Lee)

3 generations of Ball men

Aunt Sarah loving on Elic

Connor's moms whole family!

Ellison with her cousins Will and Reed...all snuggled up in their pajamas after a full Thanksgiving Day!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Can you email me the one of the kids in their pj's? Mine was blurry. Glad you caught that one.

Happy Holidays.