Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Day 2 celebration :)

So the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) my brother, Elic and I headed out in the early morning for some shopping. I left Ellison at home with her daddy, partially because I was picking up Christmas gifts for her and she still was a little under the weather from her croup. Elic was a champ...he slept the whole time except woke up once to nurse (which I did in the car while my brother stood in the forever long line in Toys R Us). I have done Black Friday shopping with my brother the past couple of years and always have enjoyed it. We got some things marked off our lists which is always good :)

Elic and I returned home for some relaxation and regrouping. Then we all headed to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It was a little different this year since my grandmother was at the rehab center recovering from her fall. However, following dinner we all (10 adults and my 2 little ones) went over to the rehab center with dinner plates and dessert for my grandmother and grandfather. We had a nice family gathering and celebration! I didn't get as many pictures as I cousin (Grace) took a TON of photos so I will add more once she sends them to me.

GUM cuddling up with Elic

Ellison and Uncle GoGo playing

Wasn't crazy about taking a picture with mommy

I am SO in love with this photo

Eating some cake with GJ

Uncle GoGo and his niece

Once again, Ellison didn't want to cooperate for a photo with Googie and mommy

Nan and Claude with their great grandchildren

Googie getting snuggle time with Elic

Wild woman playing chase with her cousin Grace

Ellison and Cousin Matt

She loves her cousins from Pasadena!

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