Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Thanksgiving photos...

My cousin Grace took a TON of photos during their visit here...so many of them turned out great! I wanted to share some...or a lot :)

My Uncles meeting Elic

Playing with Cousin Grace

Sweet face

Ellison cooking for everyone

Being a princess

The kids in their matching aprons from Googie and GUM

I love this picture of us

Walking in downtown Franklin with the Pasadena Crew

Lunch at Panera

Loving her mac n cheese at Panera (it really is super yummy)

My love bug

Mommy, Googie and Ellison

Claude and Ellison

My whole family celebrating Thanksgiving

Too bad Elic wasn't in this photo...I love it

Cousin Grace holding Elic

Ellison loving on Matt

GUM, Matt, Grace and Ellison

Ready to go Uncle GoGo

Playing in the halls with Poppy and GoGo at the rehab facility where Nan is staying

Cheerio break!

Thank you Grace for taking such wonderful photos! It was hard to narrow them down...

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