Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Kids... :)

I cannot believe that Elic is already 11 days old! It is crazy how fast time goes. We have been enjoying our time as a family of 4 and we LOVE every minute of it. Ellison cannot get enough of her baby brother. She wakes up every morning asking where her baby is which just makes me smile. She is so sweet with him even if she is not so sweet with us :) I admit the first 3 to 4 days being back at home with both kids was stressful, tested my patience and I think I spent more time crying than anything. Some tears were of frustration, exhaustion, guilt while other tears were of happiness, joy and the feeling of completion. Around Friday things began to settle down and Ellison FINALLY was getting back into her routine and was acting more like her sweet and well mannered self. Ellison also had a fun time at her friends birthday party. It was a princess theme which was right up Ellison's ally. Then when we got home from the very girly party, Ellison wanted to help her daddy in the back yard. We have such a girly tomboy...I love it!

Daddy having snuggle time with his babies

Our little man

Big sister and her baby

Elic meeting Meme for the first time

Papa and Elic


I'm the Little Brother

Ellison and her dear friend Ava (Ava's 4th birthday party)

Having fun with friends

Hi wide eyed :)

He is the cutest

Outside helping daddy and playing in the dirt (notice her girly gold shoes)

Silly photo with daddy

Spending some time outside on a pretty day

Our weekend was spent with family time at home, some shopping with my brother (he was in town to see his niece and nephew), I took Ellison on a mommy/daughter date to Dudes and Divas to get her nails painted which she LOVED and we had several visitors come by which we always enjoy.

Elic and daddy hanging

 Mommy/daughter outing to Dudes and Divas
She loves getting her nails done

Mommy and daughter

A little cuddle time with Uncle Gogo

While I am thinking about it I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who has brought us dinner. We have a refridgerator and freezer FULL of yummy food and we still have 3 more days of deliveries. We really appreciate the help and generosity.
Back to the weekend...Elic got his first bath at home which Ellison was a huge help with!

Doesn't seem so bad...

I think he kinda like it :)

Snuggled up

I love this picture (Ellison is wearing her new winter hat...its not on quite right ;)

Ellison went to school on Monday and loved seeing all of her friends. Her teacher said she didn't skip a beat even with being out of her routine which I was thankful for. Ellison is going to school again today and tomorrow, then she is off the whole week of Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to the Uncles and their kids are coming in town on Saturday from Pasadena to spend the holidays with us. Connor, Elic and I have a date on Saturday to get some Christmas shopping decisions done for family, mainly for Miss Ellison!

I love him SO much!

Snuggle Bug

Ellison reading her princess book to Elic

Can you tell who has been playing with him?

More snuggles

Proud daddy!

Ellison cooking some milk for Elic

Ellison playing with her brother

Caught a little smile :)

Elic's 2 week check (not really quite 2 weeks (9 days old) but close enough)
Weight: 7lbs 11oz (back to his birth weight) 29%
Height: 20 inches (grew 1/2 an inch since his birth) 38%
He is nursing like a champ!
He has 3 hour sleep stretches at night time so far...
He is more awake during the day and has the prettiest dark blue/gray eyes (they will most likely turn brown like his sister)

We have our newborn photos taken this Saturday which I am very excited about! We hope everyone has a great rest of the week...more updates to come soon!

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