Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Columbia!

All of Connor's family lives in Columbia, TN! So after we had our Christmas morning with our precious littles ones at our house, we loaded up the car and headed to Columbia to visit with his family. Our first stop was at his mom's (MeMac's) house...we had a nice breakfast then opened presents. Ellison of course had tons of fun and got a lot of great things including a dance skirt and leotard to wear when she has her dance classes, a Dora game, Toy Story 2, annual zoo pass (we love this!), puzzles, princess dress up clothes and more! Elic got some play clothes and baby toys! Thank you MeMac, Aunt Sarah, Danny, Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather :)

Our family picture on a WHITE Christmas 2010 :)

Elic, mommy, Ellison, daddy, MeMac, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather

Waiting patiently to open gifts!

Aunt Sarah got Ellison Toy Story 2!

MeMac and Elic

Sweet boy

Annual Zoo Pass...thank you MeMac! We loved having this last year and are very excited to take Elic to the zoo now!

Ellison showing off her new dance leotard and skirt...thank you Uncle Ben and Aunt Heather!
Showing off some of her Christmas gifts :)

After MeMac's house we went over to Connor's dads house to celebrate with his side of the family. We were so glad to see everyone! During the present opening it was so fun, busy and chaotic! We didn't have time to take many pictures but here are a few! Ellison got Jesse and Bullseye which she LOVES, a pink laptop, playdoh tools, stamp art, clothes, puzzles...thank you Carly, Bo, Little Lee, Liza, Alex, Mama Doris, T-daddy and Jen for everything :)

Playing with her new pink laptop

Mama Doris loving on her great grandson :)

Ellison playing with her cousin Lee (I actually think she is probably saying "No, my computer don't touch :)"
Typical almost 3 year old ;)

To end the Christmas Day celebration we went to Connor's grandparents house to visit with more family on his mom's side. I just realized we didn't take one picture...however we all had a nice time visiting with everyone. Ellison always has a blast playing with her cousins, Reed and Will!
The day was wonderful and we really enjoyed being able to celebrate with everyone! Thank you all for the gifts and most of all for spending time together :)

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