Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Fun!

Last Sunday we got the kids dressed in their Christmas pajamas (had a little photo shoot) then decorated our Christmas tree and Ellison LOVED it. Last year I think she hung up one ornament and then she wasn't very interested anymore. This year she wanted to do it all! She hung ornaments and then she would help Connor and I by placing hooks on the ornaments and handing them off to us to hang on the tree. We only had 2 ornament casualties which I thought was pretty good, especially considering only 1 of them was Ellison's doing (the other was Connor :) Elic hung one ornament but then he was too sleepy for all of the excitement :)

Ellison in her Christmas gown

Our kids in their Christmas pajames...aren't they the cutest!

Little Fella

Ellison holding her brother

I want to eat him he is so cute and sweet!

Ellison excited to hang the first ornament!

Elic hanging his first ornament (the manly :)

Ellison and our beautiful tree!

Mommy and Ellison

We also introduced Ellison to someone very important...we have a special guest that is staying with us til Christmas day. His name is Nomes and he is our...

Ellison looks for Nomes every morning when she wakes up (we move him to a different place every night after she goes to bed). She gets SO excited when she finds him and I have found her secretly talking to him sometimes.

We have had a good flew by of course! One part of the day we love is when daddy gets home from work. That means mommy gets a little break and the kids get to have some play time with him...

Having fun with daddy!

We stayed pretty busy this week...Ellison had school on Monday and Wednesday. Elic and I got to visit a dear friend who is pregnant with twins (and on bedrest)! We also got to run lots of errands while Ellison was at school. We had several playdates with friends in the afternoons including one where Ellison and her best friends spent time decorating gingerbread cookies. The kids had a blast!

Ellison being cute one morning before school

Decorating cookies!

Love Asher Man

Ellison's best girlfriend...Ava Lou

All she wanted to do was eat it once she was done decorating

Watching a movie and eating popcorn

Ava and Ellison playing dress up...their favorite thing to do!

Ellison's finished product...showing it off to daddy

Finally she gets to eat it! (She only took 1 bite and was done with it)

And I can't forget to include a few photos of Elic...he just keeps doing what he does best!

Being cute...

And snoozing :)

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