Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day after Christmas celebration :)

The day after Christmas we celebrated with my whole family (minus some of the Pasadena crew...we missed you guys!). It was nice because when we woke up we had the morning at home so Ellison was able to spend a lot of time playing with her new toys!

This picture cracks us up...we did some rearranging of furniture to make an official playroom. We cleaned out this piece of furniture to move into our kitchen. While Connor and I were in the other room we came back to see that Ellison had moved some of her belongings :) She thought we emptied it out for her...don't you love how she lined up her dress up shoes :) Such a girl!

After naps we loaded the kids up and headed to my parents house. We opened gifts then had a nice yummy dinner! We have a tradition with my family that when we open gifts we go around and take turns opening a gift at a time. Even though it takes awhile to get through it all, we really enjoy it because we are able to see what everyone got and sometimes past time stories and things come up during it all. I was a little worried that Ellison would just want to rip into all of her presents however she was amazing. She sat patiently waiting her turn and would assist each of us in opening our gifts.

Daddy and Elic

Brother and sister

We love Uncle GoGo!

Daddy and daughter

Googie and Elic

Mommy with her parents and brother

Nan & Claude with their 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren!

Sweet face!

GJ and Poppy with their grandbabies :)

Our family of 4!

Brothers and sisters :)

Ms. Santa

Elic and his Uncle GoGo

Waiting patiently to open gifts!

Ellison got a dance bag with her new ballet shoes!

Showing off her new ballet shoes :)

Dress up clothes!

Elic and his big BOY toy :)

Mommy and son

One tired little fella ;)

Thank you GJ, Poppy, Googie, GUM, Matt, Grace, Uncle GoGo, Nan and Claude for everything! We love you guys so much!

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katy said...

LIndsey-I think I started following your blog from a link on Facebook, but I've never commented before! Just want to say that your family is adorable and hands down Ellison has the cutest wardrobe ever! Happy New Year!