Monday, December 6, 2010

Elic is 1 month old!

I cannot believe that my precious son is 1 month old today! Time went by fast before he joined the family, now it is just flying by. Elic has brought more joy, happiness, love, smiles and blessings to our family that I thought was possible. We feel SO complete with him here. I am so incredibly thankful to have not just healthy and beautiful daughter but a healthy and HANDSOME son. I love Elic with all my heart...I honestly didn't think there would be any more room to love after Ellison arrived but I was proven wrong once Elic was born.

My sweet little fella this is what you have been up to the past month...
  • You still enjoy snoozing the day away...although you have about 2 hours of awake time in the morning, about 2 hours in the afternoon and another 2 hours in the evening (usually right when we sit down to eat dinner of course :)
  • You are nursing like a champ...during the day you go about 3 hours between feedings and at night time it just depends. We honestly have good nights and bad nights. Last night you did great and only got up 2 times to eat which was a big step in the right direction!
  • You LOVE to be held and snuggled with. Mommy loves this of course :)
  • You can hold your head up very well!
  • You are getting more wide eyed and alert during your awake times. You love to look at lights and have made eye contact with us when we get close enough to you.
  • You follow our voices by turning your head in our directions.
  • You love your sister and she absolutely LOVES and ADORES you...she asks about you and wants to hold you ALL the time!

Holding my head up!

How cute is he and this hat?!

I am 1 month old today!

We love you so much son!

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Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, that hat is the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is so handsome, Linds! Can't wait for our boys to meet in a few weeks :)