Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back into the routine...

This past week we all returned to our normal and daily routines. Connor went back to work, Ellison started back to school and even I returned to work! The great thing for me is that I am teaching the baby class at Ellison's school so not only will she be in the same building with me but little Elic will be in my class :) It truly is the next best thing to being a stay at home mom. I love it for Ellison especially because she LOVES school...she loves the play time, music class, crafts, learning, her teacher and most of all her friends! Even if I could stay at home all the time I would still want her to go to school because she adores it. The huge advantage for us is since I work there I don't have to pay tutition for my kids to be there with me. So I am just working 2 days a week from really isn't bad at all. I am home the other days :)

Ellison dressed for school (she LOVES to pick out her clothes and only wants to wear dresses so she can twirl (hello girly girl!)...she doesn't like pants. How could she care so much, she is not even 3...yet!)

We enjoyed late afternoons and evenings at home this week just playing and hanging out.

I had to post this because I have been waiting for it to happen. Ellison walked in the kitchen the other night with her baby doll under her shirt. I asked what she was doing and she just said "I'm feeding my baby Elic, mommy,"

Here are my babes having some play and hang out time together...Ellison couldn't love being with her baby brother any more than she already does. Where he is...she is!

We went to visit some friends of ours who just had their 2nd baby girl. Their first born is very close to Ellison's age...her name is Gray. Ellison and Gray had a lot of fun playing together and showing off their new siblings to each other. Another funny thing...both Ellison and Gray took turns going potty and they must have sat in the bathroom together (they didn't want help from Julie and or myself of course...they do it "all by myself") well those girl must have stood in their and talked an ongoing conversation for about 10 or 15 minutes. It was hilarious!

Ellison and Gray showing off their siblings...Elic and Riley :) Sweet big sisters!

Elic and Riley are only about 1 month apart...

Ellison and Gray...good buddies :)

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