Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

After a wnderful Christmas break and holiday celecration with our families, we welcomed the year 2011! Ellison's Godparents (Griffin and Diana) were in town and came to visit & meet sweet Elic. We had a great time catching up with them and were so glad they got some time w/ the kiddos!

Ellison enjoyed having more time at home getting to know all of her new toys thst she got for Christmas!

Here she is playing with her favorite thing...PlayDoh!

Elic is so much more alert lately! I love looking into his big blue gray eyes!

Having some play time on his mat...

Sweet smile...I adore my little fella :)

Father and son

Another exciting thing that has started up for us are Ellison's dance classes! I took her for her first one this past Monday. All I can say is she is totally cut out for being a ballerina. She LOVED it and I LOVED watching her. Her class is so sweet, the teacher is wonderful and Ellison did every thing that was asked of her. It melted my heart watching my daughter wearing her pink leotard, skirt and little ballet shoes...twirling and walking around on her tiptoes. It totally reminded me of when I danced at a young age. I love being a mother and watching these joys :)

Ellison with her ballet gear on ready to go!

She was super excited!

We also did some work on the house over the break. We (actually it was all my husband, I kept the kids busy) tiled the back splash in our kitchen and it looks AMAZING...

This is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in...

We painted everything a blue/gray after we moved in but only kept it that way for not even a year before we were tired of it and decided it wasn't our we painted the cabinets and walls again to green tones. Which was way more our style. The final touch we have been waiting to do was the backsplash and we finally did it...

Doesn't it look amazing!

It is crazy how much of a difference it makes...a huge thank you to my dear hubby, you did an amazing job babe!

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and Happy 2011!

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