Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our BIG purchase, Mommy's getaway and The Funundrum!

This week went by pretty fast! After having a week off because of snow we were back into the routine of things this week with work and school. Our week started off with an exciting BIG purchase...we bought a BRAND NEW 2010 Jeep Patriot! We have been going back and forth on what to do about purchasing a car (we have been spoiled with driving my parents Honda Odyssey for the past -almost- 2 years! Or ever since my poor Honda Accord finally gave out on us 2 summers ago)! Well the time finally came to where we needed to start thinking about and looking into purchasing our own car. It was SO nerve wrecking...should we buy used? new? a car? a van? how many seats? gas mileage? safety? how much of a down payment? how much for monthly payments? warranty? the list of questions and possibilities went on and on. So after some research, car "shopping" and financial reviewing...we welcomed the new addition to our family...

This is the new mommy mobile and I love it! :)

On Monday we had lots of errands that we ran during the day (school was out for the MLK holiday) then I dropped Ellison off with my mom (we learned car shopping is not ideal when dragging around a almost 3 year old). Elic and I picked up Connor at work then headed to check out some cars. After 4 hours of looking, test driving and negotiating...we made our decision and made the purchase :)

We had work/school Tuesday thru Thursday (as well as some play time with friends in the afternoons). Then on Friday we had a playdate at Jump Zone with Ellison's friend Lillian and her mommy. The girls had fun playing and then we all grabbed some lunch at Koi. On Friday evening we had some dear friends over for dinner...The Gore Family. We had a really fun time socializing and eating a yummy lasagna meal made by my sweet hubby :) The Gore's have 2 daughters (and a son on the way) so Ellison had a BLAST playing with Hattie and Ella.

Ellison, Hattie and Ella

Then Saturday morning my best friend, Nikki, and I (and Elic) packed up her car to head to Knoxville to see my other best friend, Jennifer. Nikki is a 31 (Thirty One) Consultant so Jennifer hosted a show for her. It was such a nice "mommy getaway" for both Nikki and myself. She and I talked NONSTOP the whole drive there and the whole drive back. That is about 6+ hours of talking. I think we could have gone another 6 easily :) It was so great to see my dear friend Jennifer and her family. The show was a success and we had some down time to just chill and catch up. Nikki and I spent the night and drove back home early this morning. As much as I loved getting away I really missed my sweet Ellison (and hubby too :)

So with me being in Knoxville that left daddy and Ellison with some good daddy/daughter bonding time. Well they had a very fun jam packed Saturday together. It started with her dance class, then they met Connor's buddy, Josh and his little boy Luke, at the Coffee Beanery for breakfast. Following breakfast, Connor ran home to change Ellison, then they went and picked up Aunt Sarah (Connor's sister) and the three of them spent the whole afternoon at "The Greatest Show on Earth!" (The Barnum and Bailey Circus) Ellison LOVED every minute of it! Her favorite parts were the baby elephant and mermaids. Thank you daddy and Aunt Sarah for taking Ellison to the circus! She LOVED it!

Getting a tattoo

Ellison and Daddy

She LOVES her tattoo...she doesn't want to take a bath because she is afraid it will wash off!

Hanging with the clowns before the show started!

Ellison eating her $12.00 cotton candy...yeah its a long story :)

Daddy and Ellison enjoying a treat!

Ellison with her Aunt Sarah

The elephants!

My cutie pie!

What a fun daddy and daughter weekend!

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