Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow DAZE...

I feel like I am in a daze since we have been out of school ALL week for SNOW! Don't get me wrong, I love being home with my dear kids, I love snow, I love watching my precious daughter play in the snow...however after 4 solid days of no school, little to no interaction with people outside of our home I was over the snow days!

Going back to the first snow day :) We woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland! Connor went to work for just about half a day then came home so he could take Ellison out for some snow play and sledding. I wish I could have taken her out more but with Elic it was pretty impossible. Before daddy came home, Ellison painted my nails then her own nails, we played with Play Doh, she did some fingerpainting then we ate popcorn and watched Shrek!

Painting mommies toenails :)

Painting her own toenails (all by myself mom!)

Fingerpainting...she LOVES to do crafts!

So once daddy came home, they got ALL bundled up to go meet up with Ellison's friend, Ava and her daddy, Josh. They took the girls on a daddy/daughter outing to go sledding on some fun hills and then to get hot chocolate at Starbucks! Ellison LOVED sledding with her daddy and friends.
All bundled up and ready for some snow fun with daddy!

Ellison and her friend Ava ready for some sledding with their daddies :)

On Tuesday (snow day #2) Ellison, Elic and I picked up our favorite friends (Nikki, Ava and Asher) to get coffee and doughnuts (it is a fun thing we do together about once a month (or try to at least). Afterwards we played at their house for a little bit to get some energy out. When daddy came home from work, Ellison went sledding in our front yard and made snow angels. We took Elic out for about a total of 2 minutes to try and get some snow was SO cold! Ellison would have stayed out there forever if we had let her...

Playing with Jessie :)

Fun in the snow!

She is so grown up!

Elic and daddy

Mommy with her snow babies :)

Elic preferred hanging inside :)

On Wednesday (snow day #3) we ran some errands and went to a friend's house for some play time! Ellison and her friend Connor had fun playing indoors then wanted to play in the snow together. They had a good time but only lasted outside for about 20 minutes because it was SO cold! Last night we enjoyed some family time together. Ellison played dress up and actually made mommy be a princess too (I obviously didn't fit into her dress up clothes-although Ellison made me try ;)

Playing in the snow at her friend, Connor's house

Connor and Ellison :)

Playing dress up!

So this morning we got out of the house, went to PeekaBoo Playtown (where just about every other mom and child were) to play with some of our dear friends. It really was a blast...there ended up being about 7 moms and then all of their children in our group. Ellison was worn out (she is snoozing right now), Elic did great and I really enjoyed socializing with my girlfriends!

Tomorrow is Friday so it is always our day off from the work/school week. We are playing with friends in the morning and then tomorrow evening we have some friends coming over for dinner. No big plans for the weekend...Ellison has dance class on Saturday morning and that is it so far! I am also starting to work on plans for Ellison's birthday! I know I am an early planner but I just love it :) The weekend of her birthday will be BUSY...we are having a friend party on Saturday (March 12th) then on Sunday (March 13th-Ellison's actual birthday) Elic is getting baptized and then we are having ALL of our families come to our house for a party/celebration of Elic's baptism and Ellison's 3rd birthday! I will post later about birthday ideas :)

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