Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family fun and SUNSHINE!

So you are about to experience some photo overload!
These first pictures were taken during this past week, they are random but super cute!

Connor brought home a seed table to keep in the house. It will be a great way to get our garden started this year and for Ellison to be part of the process in helping take care of it.

Here is Ellison watering the seeds...

Planting the seeds with daddy :)

On our snow day we made some homemade chocolate chip cookies! We got the recipe from Pioneer Woman (she has some of the best recipes!) These cookies were delicious!

Ellison of course helped but really enjoyed eating the dough!

Here are my two favorite fellas!


Such a FLIRTY little man!

We have had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend started on Friday with running a bunch of errands and then Friday night I went out to dinner with my dearest girlfriend at Sopapillas! On Saturday we all headed to Ellison's dance class (we always ALL go to is a fun way to start our weekend as a family :) We saw Ellison's MeMac and her friend Ms. Rita for a little visit. After dance class I took the kids to run errands and attend a birthday party while Connor went home and did some work on the bathroom.

Last night my parents came over to give the kids their Valentine gifts!

Ellison got jelly beans, a Cinderella dress and tickets to go see a Cinderella play with GJ and Poppy next weekend! They got Elic a precious outfit from our new favorite company for little fella clothing called Fore Axel and Hudson...seriously if you have a little man in the family you HAVE to check out their clothing, it is PRECIOUS and STUDLY! My husband wants to buy every collection piece for Elic.
My parents babysat the kiddos so Connor and I were able to go to an early Valentine's dinner! It was a short and sweet date! We ate our favorite...

We LOVE sushi!
Thanks GJ and Poppy for watching the kids!

Today we woke up and went to church then came home and our favorite photographer (Beth Lessard) came over to do Elic's 3 month pictures!
It was hectic and chaotic trying to deal with an almost 3 year old and a 3 month old but we can't wait to see the proofs! Of course I will post the sneak peek as soos as it is up!

After pictures, Elic took a nice long nap, I got lots done inside the house while Ellison and her daddy played outside and enjoyed the beautiful day! is finally GORGEOUS out, sunshine and about 60 degrees! Ellison was SO happy being outdoors, she loved helping her daddy do a little yard work.

I love this picture of our almost 3 year old!

Here are some other fun pictures that we took of the kids over the weekend...

My two little ones :)

My little man...

Copper got tired of trying to find a place to lay down...

Ellison playing with Elic...feeding him his "milk"

My sweet daughter!


Rachel said...

Three things: 1) Elic is one of the cutest babies ever!! I want to pinch his cheeks.
2) We need to go out for sushi sometime! I don't do raw but I love it. Have ya'll been to Suzi wongs? It's Eric and I's new obsession.
3) I LOVE Ellison's knot dress. I just ordered Myla's first knot dress from the House of Clouds collection. I figured I better start early so I don't go broke Ha!

Stacey said...

Great pictures, Linds!