Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy LOVE Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! We had work/school and Ellison had her class Valentine party :) Here is a morning picture of my 2 little Valentine's...
Not the best picture but it will do ;)

My little man...ladies he is NOT available!

My sweetie wearing her Valentine outfit that she picked out...

Ellison and her friend Hattie after their class Valentine party with a bag FULL of goodies and treats!

Me and my babes at school/work after Ellison's party...

Valentine gift from mommy and daddy...more dress up!


Elic got his own personalized lunch tote (since Ellison and I have about a hundred of them I figured it was time for Elic to get one) and it was filled with new pajamas since he is growing SO fast!

My princess posing...

We didn't do a whole lot for Valentine's Day...after school/work the kids and I ran a few errands then went home and played outside for the first time in months! Ellison was excited to play with her outdoor toys (FINALLY!) and her swingset. After the kids went to bed, Connor and I had a simple dinner, champagne and we watched The Bachelor :)

Today I took Ellison to the doctor because she didn't seem quite her happy self. Come to find out she now has double ear infections. Elic is recovering from him (the doctor checked his they were clearing up nicely) but of course Ellison had bad infections in both ears so we are on more antibiotics. I am glad I took her because she has had no fever, not much complaining and it has not disturbed her sleeping. Hopefully she will be back to her healthy self in a couple of days!

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