Monday, February 7, 2011

Week review...

I have not been very good at keeping the blog updated, I apologize! Now with two kids, being back at work 3 to 4 days a week, house projects, play dates, etc. there just isn't enough time! This past week was good, we basically just went to school/work then enjoyed time at home. One night I went to a friends house for some girl time and a little shopping. She hosted a Chez Ami show. The clothes were really cute (a bit pricey but cute ;) I got a much needed glass of wine and some catch up time with my mommy friends. I didn't even have Elic, I wanted to go after both kids were down for bedtime.

I have been working on Ellison's birthday party/Elic's Baptism weekend! It is going to be jam packed busy but super fun! I have ordered some cute things for the party and we went shopping for Ellison's gift (this year she actually asked for something that she wanted and it is something that is appropriate and worth our money :)
I will do a post about her birthday in the next couple of days!

Another big thing that started up this past weekend was...our master bathroom renovation! I am SO excited about this. Many of you probably have not seen our so called "master bath" luckily we have before pictures and are taking pictures during the whole process. So far all of the dry wall is down, the tub is almost out, the popcorn ceiling has been removed (thank goodness!) and the linen closet has been torn down. When I say renovation, I am talking a WHOLE NEW BATHROOM. We are so excited to get this project started! Thank you to the best hubby for doing all of the work and labor! I will post about our progress on it later this week :)
Here are some pictures from our post will be dedicated to Elic turning 3 months old (which was yesterday!) I will try to get that post up later this afternoon...

Sleepy head

Big sister

My bubby

I LOVE this picture...I am so blessed!

Being silly :)

He is getting so big!


Our princess...

Also, Elic has a little cold he has been battling all weekend...I am taking him to the doctor this morning just to have him checked out and listened to. Just wanna make sure there is nothing more we could be doing to help him. Please just say an extra little prayer to get him feeling better and to keep away all the nasty sickness going around from BOTH my kiddos (flu, tummy virus, strep throat, high fever...the list goes on and on). We have been blessed for not catching any of these things but the yucky season isn't over yet!

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