Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Spring Break so far...

So we are coming to the end of our Spring Break :( We had nothing planned when Spring Break began but gosh we have been super busy with play dates! I think that is pretty much all we have done...which has made this week fly by!
I am going to start with this past Sunday...we went to church, did our usual weekly grocery shop then Ellison and I had some girl time with our best friends, Nikki (who is my best friend :) and her daughter Ava (who is Ellison's best friend :) Nikki and I decided that we wanted to take our girls out (without daddies and boys) once a month for some "mommy/daughter girl time!" I have not been out alone with Ellison since Elic was born so this was some much needed time together!

While we were out, daddy stayed home to work on our bathroom renovation and Elic spent the afternoon with his GJ and Poppy (thank you so much for watching Elic!).

We took the girls to Starbucks to get a treat...Ellison chose a huge chocolate chunk cookie and a juice box, Ava chose a mini whoopie pie and a juice box. The girls loved their treats and had a blast being silly and playing in Starbucks...
The girls eating their treats...

Best Friends :)

They started playing ring around the rosie in the middle of Starbucks...they were the talk of the place, we had several people come up to Nikki and I going on and on about how cute and happy Ellison and Ava were. Some people thought they were sisters!

They all fall down!

Mommy and Daughter during our girl time :)

After Starbucks we went to see a movie at the "big theater." The girls loved it! They sat next to each other and literally laughed and danced during the first 45 minutes of the movie then slowly settled down in their seats. It really was such a fun time! We can't wait for our next outing :)

On Monday we met Nikki, Ava and Asher at Pinkerton Park for some play time because the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Ellison enjoyed swinging and running around with her friends while Elic snoozed...poor guy he literally spends a ton of time in his car seat either snoozing and riding around. We are so busy with playdates that he just goes with the flow. Thank goodness he is such a laid back guy (for the most part!)...
Check out those white legs! Here we are swinging and waiting for our friends to arrive...

And little fella taking a snooze...

After the park we met daddy for lunch at a new restaurant that opened up in downtown Franklin called Riff Burgers. It was very yummy! We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home...

Sweet Elic hanging out

On Tuesday we met friends at Pinkerton Park again...we all decided to pack lunches and have a picnic. Once again the weather was amazing. Ellison played hard with her friends Ava, Asher and Connor...

Playing at Pinkerton

She loves going down the slides...

After playing and eating lunch we headed home for naps then we went over to our old neighborhood and had such a fun late afternoon playing at a friends house. It was so warm out that Ms. Suzanne set up their inflatable pool with a slide. All the kids put on their bathing suits and had SO much fun playing in the water. They played with playdoh, ran around and got LOTS of energy out! It was nice because the mommies were able to sit and chat while the kids kept each other entertained. It ended up being 4 mommies and all of our kids (6 kids and 2 babies). It made me realize how much I miss our neighborhood and neighbors!

Taking a break from playing in the water to have fun with playdoh!

Sweet girls...Ellison, Ava and Alexa :)

Little fella hanging in his carseat...again ;)

On Wednesday we woke up and got ready somewhat early and headed to Columbia for the morning to visit Connor's family! We started out at granddaddy and Jen's house. Mama Doris was there as well to see the kids. We had great conversation, some yummy treats and Ellison played (and of course showed off :) Elic was such a sweet boy and enjoyed being passed around...
Granddaddy with his grandson

Mama Doris with her great grandchildren!

Jen and Elic

We then went to visit Meme and Papa...Ellison always loves playing with the toys at their house and Papa loves rocking his grandbabies :)

Elic and Papa

Papa rocking his great grandbabies :)

Meme with her great grandchildren!

Following Meme and Papas we went to MeMac's house to eat lunch! We were able to relax for a little bit before hitting the road back to Franklin. Ellison was enjoying herself so much that she didn't want to leave.
Overall it was a great day and visit with grandparents and great grandparents! Thank you all for having us :)

We babysat our sweet and little studly friend Mr. Asher while his parents and sister went to dinner to celebrate Josh's birthday! Ellison and Asher were SO cute playing together and had so much fun...I am convinced they will marry each other one day!

Ellison and Asher watching a movie

Aren't they precious?!

Trying to love on Elic...I think Elic was overwhelmed!

So that brings us to today (Thursday) but I am going to stop because I think I have overloaded you with picutres :) I'll update with the rest of our Spring Break activities at the end of the weekend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is here!

We have officially started our Spring Break! The weather could not be more perfect right now. Yesterday I took the kids to meet some of our friends at the park. We played there all morning. Then after naps we had friends over to play (which we ended up playing outside in our yard and on our deck). Then last night our friends came back over to eat dinner...the adults hung outside on the patio while the kids watched a movie. It was just such a great and fun day spent with our dear friends...The Ogles!
(These pictures are kind of a random mix and out of order from the past week)
Elic playing on his mat...the kids is always hanging out on his belly, he loves it!

Bubble time! A favorite at our house...

This was Ellison playing with some of her new things she got for her birthday...she LOVES her princess tea set!

So we attempted to feed Elic some rice cereal a couple of days ago and lets just say he was not a fan and had no clue how to swallow it. I remember it tooks a few attempts with Ellison so we will try again in a week or so.

So serious!

Isn't he just so sweet! He loved just hanging outside in his bouncy seat...

Making silly faces...

So today Ellison had dance class and my parents came to watch her dance. We visited with some friends then headed home for lunch and nap time. After naps, Aunt Sarah came to visit to see the kids and gave Ellison her birthday present. It is awesome and I can't wait to use it this summer. It is a huge blow up Princess castle pool. We will be having a lot of mini princess swim parties with all of Ellison's girlfriends :)

After Sarah left we literally played the rest of the afternoon and evening til dinner time. It was just so fun to be outside with the kids, playing together, laughing, enjoying the beautiful weather and watching the sun set. We pulled out one of Ellison's birthday presents...her girly T-Ball set. It was a HIT! We played with it for about an hour. The girl did not want to come inside or stop playing with it...

Ellison playing with her T-Ball set...

Of course she is wearing a princess dress while playing...

Love her!

Isn't this picture so fun and cute?

Me and my little fella...LOVE!

I am just so happy and thankful for beautiful days that I get to spend with my beautiful children...

*Tomorrow Ellison and I have a special "girls outing" with my best friend Nikki and her daughter Ava (which is Ellison's BFF :) We are taking the girls to a movie then to get icecream. I have not done anything alone with Ellison since Elic was born. I have been wanting to do something special with her (just us). So Nikki and I were talking about how much fun it would be for us mommies to take our daughters out together! We are going to try and do a "girly outing" with them once a month. I am so excited!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another week has pretty much come and gone (it is not quite Friday) but we are done with school/work this week and so we have started our Spring Break! I am excited to know that we have all of next week to enjoy pretty weather, catch up with friends, PLAY, I can love on both of my little loves and do a few little house projects!
Today was BEAUTIFUL was around 75 degrees, sunny and clear skies. At school all of the classes pretty much were outside from the time kids arrived until lunch/nap time. My class was outside the same time Ellison's class was. So it was fun to watch her play with all of her friends on the playground (plus get frequent hugs and kisses from me :)
We spent the evening eating a traditional Irish meal at our dear friends' house with The Ogle Family! The kids played hard outside (again the weather was so perfect). We ate corned beef, potatos and cabbage...AND we drank some green beer :) That is right, I added green food coloring to everyone's beer...we had to go ALL out :) We love spending time with The Ogles...the kids were wonderful, Ellison was worn out by the time we got home.
So from our house to yours...
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elic's Baptism

This past Sunday was Ellison's 3rd Birthday and Elic got baptized. It was such a blessed day for us to share with our families. We are SO incredibly thankful for all of the family members that attended (and we missed those who were not able to come)! We had all of the great grandparents there, Ellison's great Uncles from Pasadena and her Uncle from San well as all of Connor's family from Columbia and my family here in Franklin. Our children have no idea how lucky they are to have so many people that love them as dearly as our families do!

The Baptism was perfect, Elic did great and Ellison loved showing off her baby brother. Connor and I really feel at home at our church (First Prebyterian of Franklin) and love our pastor...Chris Joiner.

We were able to get some family photos at the church following the Baptism...
Daddy and Elic (2 good looking fellas :)
Aunt Sarah and Uncle GoGo
Connor, his sister Sarah and Elic
The 4 of us with T-daddy, Jen, and Mama Doris
The 4 of us with Aunt Heather, Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, MeMac, Meme and Papa
Pastor Chris
My whole family...GJ, Poppy, Uncle GoGo, Nan, Claude, GUE and GUM (we missed you Matt and Grace!)
Group shot!
So proud and blessed to have my family of 4 :)
The little fella himself looking so sweet...
Eli Alexander Ball (Elic) baptized on March 13, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ellison's 3rd Birthday Party w/ friends!

So on Saturday morning we celebrated Ellison's 3rd birthday with her friends at Pump It Up! We had a wonderful turn out...about 18 kids ages 2 to 5 (plus all of their mommies a lot of daddies and about 6 siblings that were younger than age 2) AND we had some family members that stopped by to enjoy the fun! It was such an awesome party and everyone had an absolute blast! (sorry for the major photo overload!)

Ellison getting the party started!
GUM and Elic
Tuck and Roll Uncle GoGo
Me and my best friend Nikki with her sweet son (and Ellison's future hubby) Asher
Going down the slide...
I LOVE this picture of my mommy friends...such wonderful ladies in this group!
Having fun!
Connor adored playing with all of the kids...he was a kid himself at the party
Uncle GoGo and Aunt Sarah attacking Connor
Run Ellison run!
Connor getting beat up on by a bunch of silly girls
Uncle Ben and Elic
I love this picture...
Uncle GoGo playing with his neice
Attempting a group photo of Ellison and all of her friends!
Proud parents of the birthday girl!
Another friend photo (still missing a bunch of kids)
Family photo!
I LOVE how these turned out...
Uncle GoGo and Aunt Sarah taking a break...
Party favors...suckers w/ sticker tags that say "Thanks for making my 3rd birthday a fairy tale!"
Sitting in the thrown waiting to blow out her candles!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Make a wish
Everyone eating and enjoying cupcakes!
Everyone worked up an appetite!
GUE and Elic :)
Opening gifts...Ellison got way too much, thank you for the sweet gifts everyone!
Party girl is about ready to check out...
Happy parents who are so blessed to have a sweet, smart, beautiful, healthy and precious 3 year old girl!