Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost caught up!

With some of the pretty days...Connor and Ellison have been working hard in the yard trying to get everything ready for Spring! I know I have said it before but Ellison LOVES to help her daddy in the yard. She could spend the whole day helping him. She has her own gardening tools and gloves.

Ellison helping daddy...

Connor loves having Ellison's help

Dirty hands!
Elic has changed SO much...he is about to be 4 months old! The past two weeks he has been a roly poly and spending lots of time on his belly. As soon as we lay him down he rolls over within 20 seconds. Even at night time he pretty much sleeps all night on is tummy. At first this made me nervous but I can't do anything to stop him or keep him on his back! It is pretty cute when I check on him at night that he is cuddled up on his belly in the corner of his crib with his sweet little bum up in the air :)

Tummy time!

Little flirt

Taking a snooze w/ daddy

I mean how snuggly can he be!

One exciting thing that happened last week was I did some early shopping at the Little Sprouts Consignment sale! I have been going to this sale for the past 2 years. They have 2 seasonal sales and if you consign 10 items or more then you get an early shopping pass. It is SO worth it. Even though I am not ready to give away or sell a majority of clothes, toys and items that we have for both Ellison and Elic because we are not quite sure what the future may hold (maybe 1 more baby but definitely no more than that ;) I am always able to come up with 10-15 items to consign so I can get that early pass!

I had lots of luck at the sale for both kiddos. The thing I honestly like about this sale is that they are very picky on brands and what the clothes/items looks like. So I really feel like I am getting my money's worth.

This past weekend was pretty busy!

We started our weekend on Saturday morning with dance class...

Then we met MeMac, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Heather and Uncle Ben at Puckett's in downtown Franklin for brunch. It was very yummy!
Then I took the kids with me to meet my mom and grandmother at the mall for a little shopping while Connor returned home to work more on our master bathroom renovation! Which by the way to coming a long, slowly but surely ;) We knew it wouldn't be a quick project mainly because there is little time for working on it but we are SUPER excited about the end result!

Saturday night our dear friends, The Henrick Family, invited us over for dinner! They have a little boy named Luke who is 2 and they just welcomed twins (a boy and girl) back in December. Luke and Ellison had so much fun playing together and they made their own pizzas for dinner. They had a good time spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese on their pizzas. It was such a nice time...thank you Erin and Josh!

Ellison and her buddy Luke

Making pizzas...sprinkling on the cheese :)

Playing in the sink...aren't they cute?

On Sunday we went to church then we did some things around the house...Ellison went down for a nap early because her GJ and Poppy (my parents) came to pick her up for a special treat! They took her to go see Cinderella at Centennial High School. She LOVED it...she wore her own Cinderella dress, head piece and jewels. My parents said she was in awe the whole performance and never was bored. She has talked about all week!

We have started another work/school week (actually today is Wednesday so the weekend is almost here!). We already have a few plans for the weekend and are preparing for NEXT weekend...which is Ellison's 3rd birthday and Elic's baptism!

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